Top Ten Tuesday #27


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie to Grant Me, essentially, it’s listing all our bookish wishes that we wish could come true. This is what I’d ask for, if the book genie could grant my wishes. Book Genie are you listening? I really want these things!

  1. To be able to meet JK Rowling-I’d add, “and be able to form coherent sentences around her” but somehow I feel like that may be too much of a stretch for the book genie to accomplish! In all seriousness though, I’d love to be able to meet the woman who gave us Harry Potter and who is one of my biggest influences in wanting to be a writer. Can someone please make this happen? I would be eternally grateful!
  2. For The Raven King’s release to magically become sooner-February is too long to wait! I need to know what happens to Gansey and the gang and I need to know what happens now! I’m sure I cannot be alone in this one!
  3. To have unlimited time to read-I’m finding myself having to squeeze my reading time into the small slots of time when I’m not either doing Uni work or writing this blog, I would love to be able to have unlimited reading time and just be able to read whenever I want.
  4. For me to be able to read all the books on my TBR-This is really an in my dreams wish, since my TBR is never going to shrink and it’s constantly expanding, so the sad truth is that I will probably never finish all the books on my TBR, but since we’re dreaming, I’d really like this to happen please!
  5. For my favourite books which have not yet been adapted into movies, to be perfectly adapted into brilliant movies, which don’t leave any significant parts of the books out and have my vision of perfect casting. This isn’t too much to ask is it?
  6. To have more bookshelves! My room probably doesn’t have space for anymore, but I keep buying books and they are spilling off my shelves! This needs to be remedied soon!
  7. To have my own personal library, like the library the Beast gives to Belle in Beauty and The Beast? In fact if I could have that library and just fill it with all my own books, I think that would be perfection.
  8. No more cover changes in the middle of series-I like my covers matching! I am not being unreasonable when I say that I want all my books to have covers which match right? It’s annoying when they don’t!
  9. To be able to go to Hogwarts-Do we not all harbour this dream? I would so love to be transported into the world of Harry Potter, even just for a day and be able to go to Hogwarts.
  10. More of my favourite authors coming to the UK! Is it too much to ask? I don’t have extensive funds to be able to fly out to the US to see my favourite authors. Would you guys be able to come to me for once?
  11. That there was no such thing as love triangles-Please book genie, banish this monstrosity from our books! We’re tired of them, we don’t want to see them any more.
  12. That I could read faster so I could get through more books! I’m only just on my 12th book of 2015! This is pitiful!
  13. Enough money to buy all the books I want-The biggest barrier to finishing my TBR! Books are expensive! I’d love to not have to worry about how much books cost and just be able to buy whatever I want to read.
  14. To become a published author-Okay so this one is more of a writing wish than a reading one, but I’ve been wanting this since I was a little kid! Please can you help Genie?
  15. Less time to wait between releases of new books in a series-Because seriously, the yearlong wait for a new book in your favourite series is torture! Anything you can do about this Genie?
  16. To be able to experience my favourite books for the first time-Sure, I’ve re-read almost all my favourite books but there’s nothing like the magic of the first time you read a favourite book, so I would love to be able to experience that again, with my favourites.
  17. For Percy Jackson to come to life and be my boyfriend-Yes, I love him and Annabeth, but I’d love him to be my boyfriend more!
  18. To be able to attend more book events/there be more book events in the UK-I hear about all these amazing book events in the US and it makes me jealous that we don’t have more in the UK, because I would love to go to more book events. I enjoyed YALC so much this year, I am definitely going back next year!
  19. For all of my favourite author’s books to be awesome, so I don’t have to feel bad when I don’t like a book by one of my favourite authors.
  20. For reading/writing to be my day job-I am deadly serious on this one, I want a job where I can either read or write all day. Nothing else will do!

I’m going to stop there, before I get totally carried away! I went a little overboard this week, but there’s lots of bookish things I want I guess! What were your bookish wishes this week? Anything si,milar to mine? Let me know!

I will be back next week with a new Top Ten Tuesday, next week is a halloween themed freebie, so I’ll have to see what I can come up with to fit that theme! In the meantime, I will have a new Wishlist Wednesday post up tomorrow, so make sure you all check that out then.

41 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #27

  1. pennma05 20/10/2015 / 1:15 pm

    Awesome list! We have some similar wishes on our list.

  2. fiddlerblue 20/10/2015 / 1:24 pm

    Such a massive list and I love it, especially meeting JK Rowling ā¤ I am also interested to see what happens to Gansey and would love to spend a wish on him surviving the final book ā¤

    • iloveheartlandx 20/10/2015 / 1:40 pm

      Thanks! Yeah that’s one that I would really love to come true!

  3. abOOkishOwl 20/10/2015 / 1:32 pm

    wow what a list! like you I’d love to meet JK Rowling too. and no. 17 HAHAHA I think I’d wish that too. hmmm.

    • iloveheartlandx 20/10/2015 / 1:38 pm

      Yeah I got a little carried away! I think that wish is one that all Harry Potter lovers share. Who wouldn’t wish for no. 17?

    • iloveheartlandx 20/10/2015 / 3:12 pm

      I have the same problem, I’d love to get a book signed by Rick Riordan, but he doesn’t come to the UK either. I mean I understand why it might not always be possible, but it’s just a little annoying!

  4. proxyfish 20/10/2015 / 4:21 pm

    Wow, that’s quite some list!!! Fantastic wishes šŸ˜€

  5. Aj @ Read All The Things! 20/10/2015 / 7:46 pm

    Awesome list. Meeting JK Rowling would be great. Iā€™d also love to finish reading my TBR pile.

    • iloveheartlandx 20/10/2015 / 8:16 pm

      Thanks! Ah it would be, wouldn’t it? So would I, but it would probably take a miracle!

    • iloveheartlandx 20/10/2015 / 10:19 pm

      Thanks šŸ™‚ What can I say, I don’t like to play by the rules all the time!

  6. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard 20/10/2015 / 10:54 pm

    What wonderful wishes! And #11 – Oh, please let that one come true. Well, mostly true. Once in a very blue moon a love triangle really adds to the story or is critical to the plot. But not nearly as often as writers put them in…

  7. Book Club Babe 20/10/2015 / 11:01 pm

    I was going to include becoming a published writer on my list too, but gosh darn it, that’s a goal, not a wish, and I plan on doing whatever I can to make it happen! Good list!

    • iloveheartlandx 21/10/2015 / 12:09 pm

      Thanks! Being a published writer is a goal for me too, but I figured a little wishing couldn’t hurt!

  8. Jen 21/10/2015 / 1:35 am

    You’re wish about book-to-movie perfect adaptations made me smile. There’s NOTHING more disappointing than a movie ruining a favourite book!!! šŸ˜‰
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. typewriterink 21/10/2015 / 2:43 am

    I once dared my friend to talk to one person who’s read Harry Potter and doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts. She couldn’t find anyone. And for good reason, too. It’s a school for magic! And even the homework is awesome homework, I seriously don’t know why everyone complained about it all the time.

    Thanks for stopping by Writing on a
    Vintage Typewriter!

    • iloveheartlandx 21/10/2015 / 12:08 pm

      Of course you wouldn’t be able to! Hogwarts is awesome, anyone who has read Harry Potter and not want to go there is weird! Yeah I know, I’d much prefer their homework than my homework!

  10. bookstogetlostin 21/10/2015 / 9:24 am

    “For me to be able to read all the books on my TBR”? I’d need that wish, too.

  11. rosemawrites 21/10/2015 / 10:27 am

    Your list is so fun to read! Good luck! šŸ˜€

  12. Mikayla Gray 21/10/2015 / 11:36 am

    Great list! #12 would be wonderful, I think my goodreads target of 50 books read by December (from when I started blogging in July) was a bit ambitious!

    • iloveheartlandx 21/10/2015 / 12:06 pm

      Thanks! We all do it, I set an overambitious target at the beginning of the year for my goodreads challenge and have slowly had to reduce it throughout the year!

  13. Silke 22/10/2015 / 8:04 am

    I love that you want Percy as your boyfriend. šŸ™‚
    I just reached my target of 60 books on goodread last night. (To be honest I read 5 graphic novels which I counted…)

    • iloveheartlandx 22/10/2015 / 2:08 pm

      Who wouldn’t? šŸ™‚ Congratulations! I have four more books to go until I reach mine.

  14. Wattle 24/10/2015 / 1:03 pm

    Unlimited time to read would certainly be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Great list! šŸ™‚

  15. Anjie @ Love thy Shelf 26/10/2015 / 12:00 am

    Hahah great list!! A long one too with awesome choices! Unlimited time to read and having enough money to buy all the books, that is the ultimate dream! Yes to meeting JK Rowling!

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