Review Policy

Hello all! I am very grateful that you are considering me to review your novel.

I am open to review requests, but I ask that you respect that I have a lot of personal reading so I will naturally be very picky about requests that I choose to accept, I’m only going to choose to accept review requests of books that I am genuinely excited about reading. If it appears in any requests that you have not read my review policy, then I will not accept your request. I would appreciate it if you take five minutes out of your time to read my policy as I’m sure your time is as important to you as mine is to me.

Things which I will not accept:

-Romance/erotica novels-Without meaning to sound as if I am prejudiced genre wise, it would be a waste of both yours and my time if you sent me these because it is not a genre I particularly like and my review would probably be skewed because of that, so I would prefer it if I did not get requests for these.

-Non-fiction-I’m a fiction blogger, I don’t tend to read non-fiction so sending a request for this would again be a waste of both yours and my time.

Genres I Read:

My blog is generally YA, but within that, I like to read a range of different genres, it might be an idea to look at my reviews to see the books I have previously reviewed (as they are all my own books) and get a taste of what I like. These are the genres I usually like to read:

-YA dystopia

-YA fantasy

-YA mystery/thrillers

-YA historical fiction

-YA contemporary (more picky about this)

-Adult (very picky about this, crime is usually your best bet)

Forms I Will Accept:

-Physical copy (ARC or hardcover)


I don’t have a Kindle, so I can’t accept digital copies.

What Should Be Included In Your Review Request

-A summary of the book

-the release date

-Any information that would be relevant to me accepting it, why you think it would be a good fit for my blog

-When you would expect the review to be posted as the time frame in which I have to read the book would obviously influence my decision as to whether or not I would want to accept your book for review.

If I Accept Your Book For Review

I obviously cannot guarantee that I will immediately read your book or that the review will immediately be posted on my blog. I am a university student, so I have assignments to do, in addition to that I have a large pile of books of my own to read as well, so it is not always possible for me to read and review your book quickly, though I will of course try my best to do it in a timely fashion. I will endeavour to try and post reviews on the release date. I will not post a review of your book if I don’t feel like I can, for example if I don’t have much to say about it.

If I don’t enjoy your book

My reviews are always my honest opinion and if I don’t enjoy your book then it will be reflected in my review, I won’t just give your book a good review because you sent it to me, that’s not the way I review. I will always be respectful, even if my review is negative and I would appreciate that if you respond to my review, you are respectful in return.

How I Review

As well as writing my honest thoughts on a book in my reviews, I also give a star scale rating to the book:

1 star: Did not enjoy the book and did not finish

2 star: Did not enjoy the book but did finish.

3 star: Generally liked the book, but not thrilled by it

4 star: Really liked the book

5 star: Loved the book

I will always consider audience when reviewing a novel so even if I did not enjoy it, I will say the audience that I think might.

How you will know when I have reviewed:

I will confirm that I have received your book via twitter or email and when I have reviewed your book, I will link you to my review. I tend to only post my reviews here on my blog.

In additions to reviews, I am also open to:

-Author Interviews-only with authors whose work I am already familiar with

I am not paid for any of my reviewing, I do it because I love to read!

In order to contact me, use the email address below:

I look forward to hearing from you!