#RockMyTBR January Update (2021)

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been doing okay over the past month with the continuing lockdown (if like me, you are in a country that is currently under lockdown). This post is a little later than it would normally be, considering that we only have a week and a half of February left but I was very busy with a job application at the beginning of the month, so I didn’t have all my reviews lined up until last week. Having a lot to do has definitely helped me with this lockdown, between blogging, my intensive Spanish course, applying for jobs and beta-reading for my friend, it helps the time pass quicker.

If you’re new to my blog and haven’t seen one of these posts before, #RockMyTBR is a challenge originated by Sarah K at The YA Book Traveler, it’s fairly straightforward, you pick a list of backlist books from your TBR (books not published in the year you’re reading them) and read them over the course of a year. I always do 12 books, one for a each month, and then every month I post an update of all the books I’ve been reading. This year is my fifth year doing it, and it’s always so much fun! In January I read 2 books, which wasn’t as many as I would have liked, but hey, it’s only the beginning of the year! I didn’t actually finish my January #RockMyTBR book as ACOWAR is super long, so these will just be my regular reads:

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Seasons of War (Skulduggery Pleasant #13) by Derek Landy:

This one was a hangover from last year as I didn’t manage to finish it in December, so I continued it on into January. I was really excited for this one but it was kind of a let down, it was very messy in terms of all the plot threads, it was longer than it needed to be and it was fairly slow paced. However, Valkyrie’s mental health journey and the focus on that was golden, MORE FOCUS ON THE MENTAL HEALTH IMPACTS OF SAVING THE WORLD IN FANTASY BOOKS PLEASE. I read this one from 10th November-9th January. Here is my review of it:


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The Midnight Library-Matt Haig

This was my audiobook read for January (though I actually started it in December). I found this one a little underwhelming compared to the hype, I thought Carey Mulligan did a great job narrating it, but it was a fairly slow read considering how short the audiobook was and I felt like the mechanics of The Midnight Library and the characters were underdeveloped. I read this one from 18th December-31st January. Here is my review of it:


So those were my January reads, this is what I’ve been reading in February (since I can’t really say planning to read 10 days before the end of the February!):

The Silvered Serpents (The Gilded Wolves #2)-Roshani Chokshi

This is my #RockMyTBR book for February. I’m about halfway through this one, it was a bit of a slow starter, but I’ve really got into it now, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this book ends. I love these characters so much!

The Mask Falling (The Bone Season #4)-Samantha Shannon

My current Netgalley read, which I’m also around halfway through. This was another slow starter but things are really getting exciting now and there have been so many HUGE reveals already.

Lore-Alexandra Bracken

My current audiobook read, I’m not very far through it yet, but it seems intriguing so far. It’s my first Alexandra Bracken book and I reckon I will probably be reading more after this one.

A slightly smaller TBR than I’ve had in previous months but since I seem to have been reading a bit slower over January and February, it made sense. How are everyone’s Goodreads Challenges going so far? Did you read any good books in January? What have you been reading so far in February? Let me know in the comments how you guys have been getting on!

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