Mid Year Check In (2020)

Hi everyone! We’re halfway through the year, and honestly it feels like we should be so much further on by now? Am I the only one who feels like 2020 has been going on forever, January already feels like it was last year! Honestly aside from Cape Town, which was amazing, 2020 has kind of sucked and I’m already ready for it to be done? Sadly though, we still have another six months to go, so it’s that time of year when I like to check in on the goals I made at the start of the year to help keep myself accountable and see where I’m at. So here we go, here’s how I’ve been doing over the past six months:

  1. Complete Goodreads Challenge goal

This is one of my annual goals, I always start off with 24 at the beginning of the year and since the one upside of lockdown is that I’ve had basically unlimited time to read, I’m already at 25 and have upped my goal to 40. Ambitiously I’d quite like to get to 50 this year, but if I beat the 42 I managed last year, I’ll be happy.

2. Complete my #RockMyTBR Challenge

My other annual challenge, I have 12 books on the list and I’m right on track, having completed 6 books at this point in the year, with 6 more still to go.

3. Finish the first draft of either This Is Not A Love Story sequel or Underground Magicians

Ha ha I had the best of intentions on this one I swear, but 2020 has kind of kicked my writing in the teeth and I’ve just not been in the place creatively where I’ve felt able to make any real progress on either of them. I’m hoping this might change before the end of the year, but I’m also not going to push myself because it’s been a tough year and pushing myself to get back into writing my novels when I’m not there yet is not going to make them any better.

4. Read more adult fiction

I still read majority YA, but I have read a few more adult books this year and I’m hoping to squeeze more in before the year is over.

5. Read more books by authors of colour

I’ve been doing okay with this one, though I could still definitely do better, and to be honest, I always want to feel like I can do better because there’s always more you can do and I definitely want to read more books by authors of colour in the rest of the year.

6. Catch up on 2019 releases

I’ve only read one and am in the progress of another one of the books on my list, but I’ve read several other 2019 releases that weren’t on my list as well, so I’m feeling pretty good about how I’ve been doing with this one.

7. Get Netgalley ratio up to 80%

So I’m not quite there on this one yet, but I’m getting there……slowly. I’m at 72% right now and I’m hoping that I can make it to 80% before the end of the year.

8. Buy less physical books/do another unhaul

I’m probably not going to be doing another unhaul, but I have been buying less physical books this year, mostly due to lockdown and not being able to go into bookshops. I do have a lot of books pre-ordered for September and October, but I’ve only bought about 4 physical books this year so far, so I think I’m actually doing pretty well.

9. Tackle some of the 500+ page books on my TBR

I’m still kind of wary about longer books, but I have knocked a few of the longer ones off my TBR: The City of Brass, The Kingdom of Copper (and currently The Empire of Gold) and The King of Crows and I’m currently reading King of Scars and hopefully The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes later this month, so I’m working on it!

10. Read more new to me authors

I’m doing so well on this one, and it’s made me so happy because I love finding new authors. Of the 25 books I’ve read so far this year, 12 have been by new to me authors and I have another one in progress, which is so great and several of them are definitely ones that I want to come back to.

So that’s how my year has been going so far. I’m pretty pleased that even with all of the uncertainty that the lockdown has caused in other areas of my life, that my goals have still been mostly going well! I think I’m on track to complete most of them by the end of the year. How about you guys? Did you make reading/writing/blogging goals for the year? How are they going so far? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be back with a new tag post on Monday, my first in a while, the Mid Year Freak Out Tag, so keep an eye out for that one on Monday!

2 thoughts on “Mid Year Check In (2020)

  1. Leah 04/07/2020 / 3:56 am

    I really have to work on my Netgalley rating as well. I requested a few books yesterday (I haven’t used my account in a while) and now I have to keep myself honest.

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