#RockMyTBR 2019 Challenge

Hi all! It’s that time of year again, with one book left to go in my 2018 challenge, I’m drawing up my 2019 list, and in a beautiful piece of symmetry, it’s exactly a year since I did the last one! For anyone who’s not aware, the #RockMyTBR challenge is a challenge created by Sarah K at the YA Book Traveler, where she challenges you to draw up a list of books to knock off your TBR over the course of a year. I don’t think Sarah is doing it anymore, but I’ve kind of borrowed it for myself, since it’s been so helpful to me in reducing my TBR, over the past three years, I’ve knocked 34 books of my TBR through doing this challenge, so I figured why not keep the momentum going into 2019? If you want to join me in unofficially doing this challenge, then you can find Sarah’s post here:


I’ve stuck with my tradition of having 12 books, one for each month of the year, though for the past two years I’ve had to knock a book off my list/replace books on my list because I’ve not enjoyed some of the choices, so I’ve completed the challenge at 11, but hopefully this year I will manage all 12. It’s a nice low pressure challenge and allows me to read other books as well. As with last year, I allowed Twitter to choose my TBR list (well most of it), since it worked so well and takes the decision making process away from me, which is just a bonus as I am incredibly indecisive! Last year’s list was kind of  a mixed bag, there were some fantastic books and some kind of mediocre ones, hopefully this year’s will be more consistent:

  1. Siege and Storm-Leigh Bardugo-This was one I actually chose myself, since for January, I am planning to have a Grisha Trilogy catch up month, I want to read both Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising before King of Scars comes out at the end of the month. I wasn’t overly keen on Shadow and Bone, but I’ve heard the rest of the series gets better and I really want to see what all the fuss about Nikolai is about, so hopefully I enjoy this more.
  2. Alex and Eliza-Melissa De La Cruz-I also chose this one myself, as in February, I’m planning to have a Hamilton month, reading the Hamilton themed YA that I have, in preparation for going to see the show at the end of the month. I would attempt to read the Chernow biography as well, but I’ve seen that thing and it’s a BEAST. Maybe on audio though? We’ll see.
  3. To Kill A Kingdom-Alexandra Christo-This was the quite decided winner of its poll, with over 60% of the vote, and one that I actually meant to read this year, I even had an e-ARC of it, but I never got around to it. I’m excited to finally get to it next year, as I heard a lot of good stuff about it this year, and after the disappointment of Sea Witch, I’m hoping my next dive into a Little Mermaid style story will be less of a disappointment!
  4. Catwoman: Soulstealer-Sarah J Maas-I was actually expecting this one to be a lot more popular, it only beat out Not Even Bones by a very narrow margin which is unusual for a Sarah J Maas book-ACOMAF won it’s poll by a landslide back in 2017. I struggled with Wonder Woman and had to put it down after only 4 chapters, so I’m hoping that I feel more enthralled by Catwoman.
  5. Uprooted-Naomi Novik-After missing out narrowly last year to Moxie, Uprooted stormed to victory this year with over half the vote in its poll. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous, since I wasn’t so keen on Spinning Silver when I tried it over the summer, but I’ve heard so much good stuff about this one that I’m willing to give it a shot.
  6. The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice and Virtue-Mackenzi Lee-My friend absolutely loved this one when I lent it to her this year and she’s been begging me to read it ever since. It seems that Twitter feels the same way as it won its poll by a landslide. I’m super excited for this one because it sounds like a lot of fun and I really want to know what all the hype is about, plus when my friend loves something, that’s usually a good sign that I will too.
  7. Strange The Dreamer-Laini Taylor-Another one my friend has been begging me to read, she loved it when she read it earlier in the year and I meant to read it this year but I just ran out of time, so I’m very happy that Twitter decided I should read it next year. It sounds great, I’m hoping it will be less of a let down than the second Daughter of Smoke and Bone book.
  8. An Ember In The Ashes-Sabaa Tahir-I honestly just need to know what the fuss is about for this one, it won it’s poll by over 50% and I see people constantly talking about Sabaa, plus my friend loved it, so it looks like 2019 is finally the year I’ll read this book.
  9. The Last Namsara-Kristen Ciccarelli-I’ve been wanting to read this one since I got it in the October FairyLoot last year, but I just never managed to squeeze it in. Now, thanks to Twitter, I will finally be reading this one next year and I’m so excited-DRAGONS PEOPLE. DRAGONS.
  10. Stalking Jack The Ripper-Keri Maniscalco-I’ve seen some really great things about this one and it sounds so up my street, a Victorian mystery based on the Jack The Ripper murders, yes please! Thanks Twitter, you picked the perfect book for me to read next Halloween!
  11. An Enchantment of Ravens-Margaret Rogerson-This one sounds so lovely, I’m excited to see a different kind of Fae, since the only type I’ve really had exposure to are the ultra masculine, overtly sexual ones in Sarah J Maas books, so it will be ncie to see a different kind of faerie. Plus it just sounds like a gorgeous story, so I’m super excited to read it.
  12. Reign of The Fallen-Sarah Glenn Marsh-AGH THIS ONE JUST SOUNDS SO GOOD, I’m so excited that it won its respective poll. Necromancy is something that I’ve always found fascinating so reading an entire book where that is the main character’s power? Yes please!

So that’s my list for 2018! If you’ve read any of these, then please, let me know what you thought! Once again, as with last year, every single book for my #RockMyTBR challenge was written by a woman, so I’m super excited for that-I mean I tend to read more female authors than men anyway, it’s kind of a given if you read YA, but I do love supporting other female writers!

Thank you to the lovely people of Book Twitter who helped choose my list for 2019, and I hope you all enjoy hearing my thoughts about the books you picked out for me through the next year. I know I said that I thought last year was going to be my best year yet, but I truly think you guys have outdone yourselves this year and I’m so ridiculously excited to dive into these books in a few weeks time, even though it feels like 2018 has practically disappeared (seriously how did January go on so long and the rest of the year passed in a poof? How?)!

I will have a book review of my latest read A Spark of Light for you guys, probably later this weekend, so look out for that.

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