The Guilty Feminist Event Recap

me and deborah frances-white

Hi all! Yup, I know I haven’t done one of these since YALC, but I haven’t actually been to a book event since YALC, much as I love going to them, book events are expensive and not easily accessible to me when I’m at Uni, since not many authors come to Scotland, even when they’re on a supposedly “UK” tour (UK usually seems to mean England only).

But last week, I had the chance to go to a pretty cool book event: Deborah Frances-White, host of my favourite podcast The Guilty Feminist was doing a UK tour in support of her new book, also called The Guilty Feminist and had a stop in Glasgow so of course I just had to go!

I’ll admit, the night didn’t get off to a great start. ScotRail had naturally decided that this was the weekend to start doing all their engineering works, so I had to get a replacement bus service from Stirling to Falkirk and then I had to get the train on from there to Glasgow. I don’t know if the rail service just doesn’t like me, first all the engineering works on the weekend of YALC, now this, I don’t have much luck when it comes to getting the train to book events! The replacement bus service I was meant to get on was full, so I had to wait for the next one. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but as it turned out, the ten minutes I had to wait for the next bus was the difference between me getting the train I needed to get in order to arrive in time and not.

So yeah, when I arrived at the station in Falkirk I had missed my train-yay! I couldn’t wait for the one that was leaving at 6.30 because that was when the event was supposed to start, so instead, I had to get another replacement bus to a different station in Falkirk and get the train from there. It was quite funny, I came across the couple who had also meant to get the same original bus as I had (and had also had to wait for the next one) at the station.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long for the train to arrive, and it was a direct train, so with that and the fact that the Waterstones is not very far from the station in Glasgow, I managed to make it and only be ten minutes late. I picked up my book from the man at the front and I found a seat-the event was so large that there were people over two floors and I had a seat looking down from the balcony. It wasn’t the best seat for taking pictures (hence my lack of them) but I did have a good view, despite my lateness so that was good!

One of the Waterstones staff came out to introduce Deborah and the moderator and then the event began. I’d been to a live recording of The Guilty Feminist at the Fringe last month, which was awesome and really enjoyable and this event was no different. We got to hear Deborah read out little excerpts from the book, which definitely got me excited about reading more of it and she also did a little bit of stand up comedy which was great-I knew hardly any female comedians before I started listening to the podcast and now I know so many, it’s awesome!

The moderator also asked Deborah lots of questions, it was quite different from any other book event I’d been to, since obviously when you go to most book events, the questions the moderator asks are usually all about the book and there were plenty of those at this event as well of course, but the moderator (and I wish I could remember her name, but alas it was last week and I have a very short memory!) also asked about the podcast and naturally there were lots of questions about feminism. I loved hearing Deborah talk, of course because she’s very funny, but also because she had some very insightful answers and it was very interesting to hear what she had to say about being a 21st century feminist, and the podcast and all the different projects she’s doing, as well as her work with women in business.

We also got to hear her read out a few bits from her book, which was great, and definitely has me very excited to read it-the excerpt she read about weddings in particular had me in stitches and she also did a particularly great sketch about the gender pay gap that she had already done on the podcast before, which was just as funny live. This was the first time that I’ve been to a book event where the author was also a performer and it definitely showed, she was incredibly engaging and made the event a lot of fun. She and the moderator also did some “I’m a Feminist Buts……” which was great.

Once the discussion part of the evening was over, it was time for some audience questions. This part was so great, it overran because everyone had so many questions but Deborah really wanted to make sure that as many people as possible had a chance to have their questions answered which was great. As well as the obvious questions about feminism and the podcast, Deborah also answered some questions about her upcoming projects, which were great to hear about.

When we’d finally got through all of the questions we queued up to get our books signed. I was quite far back in the queue, but it moved quite quickly and soon I was at the front. Despite me going over what I would say in my head, I had all sorts of things I wanted to say, telling Deborah how much she had inspired me, how much I loved the podcast, thanking her for introducing me to so many awesome female comedians, me being me and super awkward, I managed to say… name. Yup that was it. She asked what Jo was short for and whether I had been named after Jo March and I said no, I was a Joanne, not a Josephine. I then got a quick picture with Deborah (the one at the top of this post) before leaving.

I wanted to go to the loo before I left, but I hadn’t realised that the loo was back down where the signing area was, so I then had to embarrass myself slightly, by heading straight back down before leaving!

After that, I headed back out into Glasgow, stopping briefly at a Sainsburys’ to get dinner (as I hadn’t had the chance to eat before the event) and then to the train station to get the train back to Stirling (well to Falkirk and then the bus back to Stirling).

I didn’t get back into Stirling until after 11, but it was well worth it, I had a super fun night, got a new book that I can’t wait to read and got to meet a woman who I really admire-the replacement bus service was a small price to pay for all that!

So there we go, a slightly different book event than the ones I usually go to, but just as fun! Was anyone else at Deborah’s event in Glasgow? Or has listened to The Guilty Feminist (if you haven’t, you 100% should!)? Let me know in the comments!

I just finished Vicious today, so I will have my review of that up for you guys very soon, but since it is now Tuesday, look out for a new Top Ten Tuesday post later on!

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