Quarterly Rewind (March-June ’18 edition)

Hi everyone! The last few months have just sped by (why does January seem to last forever and then the rest of the year goes by in a flash, I don’t understand!) and as today is the official beginning of summer, it’s time for me to do another Quarterly Rewind, a feature started by Jamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner, where we look back at the season just gone and look forward to all the things we have coming up during the next season. This post will cover 20th March-21st June:

Image from this Spring:

la famille

The whole Elliott clan soaking up what little sun there was in France!

Favourite Quote from a book you read this Spring:

β€œYou see, some people are born with a piece of night inside, and that hollow place can never be filled – not with all the good food or sunshine in the world. That emptiness cannot be banished, and so some days we wake with the feeling of the wind blowing through, and we must simply endure it as the boy did.”  -The Language of Thorns, Leigh Bardugo

I just thought this particular quote was so beautiful and this book was one of my favourite ones I read this Spring.

This Spring In One Word:


Most Popular Review This Spring:

I’ve read 12 books in the period this rewind covers (I know, go me!) and have reviewed all but the most recent one I read. Unsurprisingly, given how popular the Grishaverse is, my most popular review this spring was Crooked Kingdom. Here is my review of it, if you want to check it out:


Top Two Books This Spring:

I still haven’t had any 5 star books this year, everything I read this Spring kind of settled in the 3-4 star range, but there have still been some books that I’ve really enjoyed among them. These are the two that standout amongst the rest:

  1. The Language of Thorns-Leigh Bardugo-My highest rated book this spring, this collection of short stories was exactly what I needed during my exams, and I loved the dark, twisted, Grisha take on some classic fairytales.
  2. Daughter of The Burning City-Amanda Foody-I’ve been having a really good streak with Carnival/Circus Style YA recently and this one definitely added to it. I loved the unique combination of fantasy/murder mystery and thought the illusions were really awesome.

Two Things I’m Looking Forward To This Summer:

  1. YALC-AHHH! My fourth year of going to YALC is going to be this summer and I’m just as excited as ever. Though I won’t get to see my fave, VE Schwab this year, there are still several authors that I’m really excited to see and YALC is always my favourite weekend of the summer, so rest assured I am counting down the days!
  2. The Guilty Feminist at The Edinburgh Fringe-This year marks two firsts, my first time seeing a live recording of The Guilty Feminist podcast and my first time at the Edinburgh Fringe (which I somehow still haven’t been to, even after three years of studying in Scotland) and I am super excited for both things.

Three New Obsessions This Spring:

  1. The Hamilcast-I just started listening to this in May and YOU GUYS, WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS BEFORE? If you are a Hamilton nerd and you haven’t listened to this podcast yet, then please do, Gillian is awesome and she’s spoken to so many cast members of Hamilton and it’s just such fun and AHHH, New Podcast Obssession!
  2. Riverdale-I shouldn’t love this, it’s ridiculously soapy and dramatic, and yet? I am totally addicted. Whoops.
  3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-I wasn’t so keen on the most recent season, but I sped through the first three seasons in the first couple of days in May. Drunk therapist Tina Fey is now my official new favourite Tina Fey.

Five Most Popular Blog Posts This Spring:

As usual, my five most popular blog posts this Spring were all Top Ten Tuesday posts:

  1. Top Ten Tuesday #158-I wasn’t actually expecting this one to be the top post of this Spring, but you guys clearly like your pretty covers! This topic was all about talking about books with your favourite colour on the cover, so I shared a lot of pretty purple covers.


2. Top Ten Tuesday #160-This topic was all about sharing your favourite character names, so I shared 10 awesome female characters whose names I absolutely love. I usually spend more time ribbing on character names than admiring them, so it was nice to share the love for once!


3. Top Ten Tuesday #157-This topic was all about books that we would love to be able to read early! Sadly the book gods have not smiled on me, as I only have the books that have been released since I made that post and have not got early copies of any of the later releases…..yet.


4. Top Ten Tuesday #164-This was this week’s TTT, where I talked all about the books that I’m planning to read this summer, and since posting, I’ve actually finished one of the books and started another, so the summer TBR is definitely off to a good start!

5. Top Ten Tuesday #154-This is a TTT from way back at the end of April, where I talked about books I will probably never reread.


Four Posts I’ve Enjoyed on Other Blogs This Spring:

  1. Lefty Reads did a discussion post about being an awkward age in the YA community, which is definitely something I’ve been feeling over the past few years as I’ve left my teens and am now into my twenties, but I still don’t really feel like an adult yet.


2. Lacy Literary did a discussion post about why they resent Indie bookstores, because of snobbery surrounding stocking romance novels in them, and although, as anyone who reads this blog regularly will know, I don’t read romance novels, book snobbery is an awful thing and a lot of the snobbery surrounding romance novels is misogyny because it is a market dominated by women, so I thought their discussion post was really interesting.

Why We Resent Indie Bookstores.

3. Aoife at Pretty Purple Polka Dots did this really fun post about Things You’ll Know If You Date A Bookworm (so basically pretty much a guide for any of our future partners) and every single item is so true! Sorry future boyfriend, I will love my books more than I love you!


4. Grace at Almost Amazing Grace (you all know Grace Latter right? If you don’t then you should) did a post about her journey with her brain tumour, and although it’s technically from last month’s rewind period, I wanted to include it here because I thought it was a really inspiring and well written piece.


Five Things That Happened This Spring:

  1. I finished my third year of University! I’ve officially only got one year left to go now, and I kind of can’t believe that? On the one hand, the fact that by this time next year I’ll be a week away from graduating is pretty cool, but on the other hand, WHAT? I am not ready to be a fully fledged adult, please don’t make me!
  2. I finished the first round of revisions on my novel This Is Not A Love Story (you can check out my post about it under the Writing Corner tab), I’m just waiting for my edits back from my critique partner Katie and whilst I’m waiting, I’m going to be working on TINALS’ sequel, which I just started yesterday!
  3. I went out to France with my family for a short holiday.
  4. I got elected Fundraiser of my university’s Equestrian Club, so I’m going to be on the committee for my final year, which is pretty cool.
  5. I wrote my 50th article for The National Student!

Six Songs I Listened To Way Too Often This Spring:

  1. Nobody Needs To Know-The Last Five Years-I have a newfound appreciation for this song, even though Jamie Wellerstein is an ass.
  2. The Other Side-The Greatest Showman-Yes I am still addicted to The Greatest Showman soundtrack, no I do not have any intention of changing that anytime soon.
  3. The Room Where It Happens-Hamilton-This one comes up quite often on my running playlist and that pleases me much.
  4. If I Didn’t Believe In You-The Last Five Years-Yet another song from The Last Five Years that shows that Jamie Wellerstein is an ass.
  5. The Schmuel Song-The Last Five Years-A seven minute masterpiece!
  6. This Is Me-The Greatest Showman-You can expect to see this song on this list for the foreseeable future most likely!

So there you go guys, that’s my Quarterly Rewind for Spring! What have you most enjoyed on my blog this Spring? What have you been up to? What are you looking forward to for the summer (books or otherwise)? Let me know in the comments!


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