#RockMyTBR January Update (2017)

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s time for my first #RockMyTBR update of 2017. It’s been an….interesting first month of the year, lots of good stuff but also quite a bit of stressful stuff too, but that’s life I suppose! Anyway, as you’ll know if you’ve been following my blog for a while, the #RockMyTBR challenge is a reading challenge run by Sarah K over at The Book Traveller, where she challenges you to cut down on your TBR through the year. I took part in this challenge last year and am excited to see if I can complete it again this year. As with last year, my aim is to read at least one book a month from the list. The first month has gone pretty well, I read the book I wanted to read from the list as well as two others. This is what I read this month:

a-study-in-charlotteA Study In Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro:

This was my #RockMyTBR book for January. I started this on the 2nd January and finished it on the 13th. This wasn’t a bad book, but it’s not my favourite mystery I’ve ever read, the characters and plot just fell a little flat for me. It was however interesting enough that I’d like to read the second one, which is hope is better. Here is my review of it:


every-breathEvery Breath by Ellie Marney:

This was my second book of January which I read from 14th-31st January. It had a decent mystery, a shippable romance and realistic characters and families, so despite it being slow, I still really enjoyed it! Here is my review of it:


caraval-2Caraval by Stephanie Garber:

This was my Netgalley read for this month, I read it from 2nd January-3rd February. It was so good, beautiful writing, vivid worldbuilding, great characters and lots of twists and turns made for a very gripping read!

So that’s what I’ve read in January, this is what I’ve got coming up in February:

The Crown’s Game-Evelyn Skye-This is my #RockMyTBR read for February. I started it a few days ago and it’s pretty good so far, though I haven’t got fully into it yet.

Traitor To The Throne-Alwyn Hamilton-My Netgalley read for the month. This has been on the back burner for a bit whilst I finished Caraval, but hopefully I’ll manage to finish it this month.

The Invisible Library-Genevieve Cogman-I bought this with a gift card that I got for Christmas, so I’m excited to get to it because it sounds really good.

A Conjuring of Light-VE Schwab-I won’t finish it this month as it only comes out at the end of February, but I will definitely be starting it as soon as it comes out because it is one of my most anticipated releases of 2017!

I’ve started this year of reading pretty well I think, so I’m hoping that this trend continues and the rest of my 2017 reading goes as well. How are you all doing with your 2017 reading goals so far? Let me know!


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