Jodi Picoult Event Recap

Hi everyone! This post is long overdue, as the event I went to was on 25th November, so about 3 weeks ago now, but right after I was bombarded with assignment work and that plus finishing NaNoWriMo, meant that I’ve ended up kind of behind on all of the blogging that I’ve wanted to do, but now that my semester is over and have no more work to do, I’m hoping to catch up on all the blog posts that I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t had the chance to for ages.

Unlike the Sarah J Maas event I went to in October, which I went to with my friend Nicola, I went to this event alone, since neither of my friends at Uni really share my enthusiasm for Jodi Picoult. It was an evening event, so I set out at around 5 ish, picked up dinner at the Co-op near where I live, and then got the bus into Stirling to get to the train to Glasgow.

Once I had got into Glasgow, I then had to get the Subway to the event. I had never been to the Kelvingrove Gallery before, where the event was being held, but luckily Nicola had a friend who had and she gave me directions, so I got the Subway to Kelvinhall and then walked along to the Gallery. It took less time than I had thought to get there, so I was a little early. Luckily there were some other people who were early too, so I felt less awkward!

There was one slightly awkward moment in that we had all come to the wrong entrance, but luckily someone realized this and I just followed the group around to the right one! Once we got inside, our tickets were checked and we were given the signed copy of the book (Small Great Things) that was included in the ticket and then shown upstairs to the room where the event was taking place.

The room was absolutely beautiful, I wish I had taken pictures for you guys, because it’s one of the nicest places that I’ve ever been to a book event at! We were shown to our seats by the people at the door and then all that was left to do was to wait for Jodi Picoult to come out.

When she did come on stage, she talked about her new book, Small Great Things (I read it back at the beginning of September, you should all read it, it’s a brilliant and very important book), her inspirations, her research, her writing process and she read a little from the book as well. This was my second time going to a Jodi Picoult event, and even if you didn’t love her books (which obviously I do), she’s a very engaging and entertaining speaker (even with a sore throat, I felt so bad for her, she was coughing all the way through her talk!) to listen to, especially when she talks about the research she does for her books. It was clear from listening to her talk that she was very passionate about her book, and whilst I know obviously all authors are passionate about their books, it’s nice to see it in person!

After her talk, there was a question and answer session, which was quite funny because a lot of the questions were based around her much older books, so it was funny to see if she actually remembered them (she did but with difficulty!). I didn’t ask any questions, it’s quite hard to think of questions about her books without spoiling the endings (which obviously you can’t do!). I think my particular favourite was when someone asked about her research and what books were fun to research and she talked about her experience with ghost hunters researching for Second Glance, that was really interesting. She has so many funny and interesting stories, I could honestly listen to her talking about her books all day!

Once the Q&A was over, one of the staff from the gallery came out and explained that Jodi wouldn’t be signing books as she had signed all of the copies of Small Great Things that we were given when we came in, but that there would be a photo opportunity. I would have liked to have stayed but it was getting pretty late and I had to get back to Uni, plus the line for the photos was looking pretty long, so I left.

So that was it, my second experience of a Jodi Picoult event and it was so much fun! I can’t wait for her next book, because Small Great Things was so good, and because hopefully she’ll come back to the UK again so I can go to another one of her events. If you ever get a chance to go to a Jodi Picoult event, I would definitely recommend it as she’s a very interesting and entertaining speaker!

Has anyone else ever been to a Jodi Picoult event? Did you have a good time? Let me know in the comments!

I will have my review of my latest read Snow Like Ashes and a new discussion post up for you guys very soon, so stay tuned for those!



2 thoughts on “Jodi Picoult Event Recap

  1. mybookinggreatblog December 13, 2016 / 12:57 am

    I’ve just finished Small Great Things my first Jodi book!! I wish I could meet her just to tell her how great it is! For now, Twitter will have to do!

    • iloveheartlandx December 13, 2016 / 3:07 pm

      That’s great! I hope you do manage to meet her one day. If you’re ever looking for recommendations of which books of hers to read, I am a fountain of knowledge!

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