Thursday Quotables #36

Yes, as promised last week, I have a new one of these up this week! I’m really enjoying this whole summer holiday thing, finally having the chance to blog as much as I want to is great! As you are all aware by now, for this feature, I pick a theme and then I choose quotes that will fit the week’s theme. For this week’s theme I decided to go with a theme of choices as it’s a theme I haven’t done before and I thought I’d be able to get some pretty quotes out of it! So here we go, my favourite quotes about choices:

  1. “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, JK Rowling

This is not just my favourite quote about choices, it’s one of my favourite quotes period, it’s such a lovely one.

2. “I fell in love with him. But I don’t just stay with him by default as if there’s no one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, every day that I wake up, every day that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me.”-Allegiant, Veronica Roth

Whilst I may not have loved the book that this quote came from, that book did have some great quotes and this one was one of my favourites, because it describes the kind of relationship that I one day hope to have.

3. “In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn’t matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did.” -City of Glass, Cassandra Clare

Full disclosure, I haven’t read this or any of Cassandra Clare’s other books, but I really liked this quote when I found it on Goodreads, so I wanted to share it here.

4. “The choices you make now, the people you surround yourself with, they all have the potential to affect your life, even who you are, forever.” -The Truth About Forever, Sarah Dessen

Again, not a book that I’ve read, but I found this quote on Goodreads and I really liked it, so I wanted to share it.

5. “Love changes what is probable and makes unlikely things possible.” -Crossed, Ally Condie

Okay, not entirely sure what this has to do with choices but it was under the tag in Goodreads and it’s a quote I really like (despite not having read the book), so I included it here!

6. “It’s our choices that matter in the end. Not wishes, not words, not promises.” -Passenger, Alexandra Bracken

Another book that I haven’t read, but a quote that I found and I really liked. I’ve been planning to read one of Alex Bracken’s books for a while and if all her writing is as beautiful as this, then I can’t wait!

7. “Our lives are made up of choices. Big ones, small ones, strung together by the thin air of good intentions; a line of dominoes, ready to fall. Which shirt to wear on a cold winter’s morning, what crappy junk food to eat for lunch. It starts out so innocently, you don’t even notice: go to this party or that movie, listen to this song, or read that book, and then, somehow, you’ve chosen your college and career; your boyfriend or wife.” -Dangerous Boys,  Abigail Haas

This book is all about choices, so I figured that including this quote from it for this week’s theme would be appropriate. Plus it’s a great quote!

8. “And having once chosen, never to seek to return to the crossroads of that decision-for even if one chooses wrongly, the choice cannot be unmade.” -Kushiel’s Chosen, Jacqueline Carey

Another book that I haven;t read, but when I came across this quote, I instantly loved it, so I really wanted to share it.

9. “The future is never just one choice. It’s a thousand. And they never stop. You will choose your future every day of your life. And should you wake up one day to find that you regret the choice you made the day before, then you make a new one. Don’t worry about whether you might be wrong someday. Worry about whether you’re right now. Tomorrow can wait.” -All Played Out, Cora Carmack

I haven’t actually read this book either, but I found this quote and I thought it was really beautiful and inspiring, so I wanted to share it.

10. “Life is a temporary condition, Henry. And it’s uncertain. That’s why you have to seize chances when you find them. Pursue what you want. Take risks. Live, love…all of it. Every last one of us is going to die, but if we don’t live as we truly want, if we’re not with the one we want to be with, we’re dead already.” -The Game of Love and Death, Martha Brockenbrough

This is a book that I haven’t yet read, but I do own, and seeing a quote like this makes me very excited to read it!

11. “I grabbed hold of my Divergence like it was a hand outstretched to save me. I needed that word to tell me who I was when everything else was coming apart around me. But now I’m wondering if I need it anymore, if we ever really need these words, ‘Dauntless,’ ‘Erudite,’ ‘Divergent,’ “Allegiant,’ or if we can just be friends or lovers or siblings, defined instead by the choices we make and the love and loyalty that binds us.” -Allegiant, Veronica Roth

This whole series is about choices and I think that this quote perfectly illustrates that!

12. “Even in the darkest and most cruel person, there is still a kernel of good. and within the most perfect champion, there is also darkness. The question is, will one give into the dark or the light?” -Falling Kingdoms, Morgan Rhodes

This isn’t a book I’ve read either but I found this quote and I really loved it and thought it was perfect for this week’s theme!

13. “And I envied her that she had chosen her work herself and was doing what she wanted to do. I don’t suppose I had any idea what I ‘wanted’ and so I was chosen, not choosing. There’s glory and honor in being chosen. But not much room for free will.” -Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein

This is one of my favourite books that I’ve read this year and I love this quote, so I wanted to share it with you.

That’s all I have for you this week! I will be back with another one of these for you guys next week (hopefully) and tomorrow I’m going to have my blog’s first ever mid year check in, checking on how I’ve been doing with my bookish and blogging goals so far this year, so stay tuned for that!




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    • iloveheartlandx June 6, 2016 / 12:11 am

      Oh cool! I don’t always choose so many, it varies, usually from about 5-20. My post is actually a variation on another meme, so I’m not surprised there are other people out there that do it too! I’ll check it out!

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