Armchair BEA: Surviving Fictional Worlds

Armchair BEA always seems to go by way too quickly! I can’t believe today is the last day! I’m sorry I didn’t have a post for you guys yesterday, but because I’m a very traditional reader (I only really read physical books), I didn’t feel like it was a topic that really appealed to me. But today’s topic about surviving fictional worlds is right up my alley and a topic of been looking forward to. So let’s get started shall we?

I’m going to start with the obvious and say that of course I would like to live in the Wizarding World (although wouldn’t everyone?). I would love to go on adventures with Harry, Ron and Hermione, go to Hogsmeade, have Butterbeer, play Quidditch, go to the Shrieking Shack etc. I would love to go to the Yule Ball as well. Also just to be able to use magic would be incredible. Definitely if I could pick one world to live in, it would be the Wizarding World.

I’d also really like to live in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. After all, I love chocolate and if you lived there, you’d be able to have as much chocolate as you wanted, all day every day (though the novelty would probably wear off after a while). Also, I’d love to meet the Oompa-Loompas and see them perform one of their songs. As long as I was really nice, I don’t reckon any of the bad stuff that happens to the kids in the novels would happen to me!

I’d love to live at Camp Half-Blood. I mean, the whole being attacked by monsters part of being a demigod doesn’t sound so cool, but Camp Half-Blood is essentially the world’s coolest summer camp, I mean they do chariot racing for crying out loud, that would be so much fun to do! I’d also love to climb the lava wall, I mean dangerous but really fun. I suck at archery but I reckon I could avoid that. The best thing of all though, would be hanging out with Percy and the gang. I’d also love to go on quest, it sounds like such fun, even if you could possibly die!

I’d also really love to live in the Faraway Tree (a childhood dream of mine). I would hang out with Silky and Moonface and the Saucepan Man and go to the new land at the top of tree every week (hopefully it would be a good one!). It’s been a long time since I read these books (obviously), so I can’t quite remember all of the lands, but I seem to remember there was one where you could get loads of baked goods, so I’d like to go to that. There was also the land of Birthday Parties, that would be a pretty cool place to go. And I don’t know if this was in the books, but if there was a land of chocolate, I would definitely go there.

I’d love to live in the Skulduggery Pleasant world too. Getting to fight bad guys alongside Skulduggery? That would be pretty awesome! Having magic? Would also be pretty awesome. I reckon I’d like to be an Adept because it seems like you can have basically any power, whereas Elemental you’re limited to only using the elements. I wouldn’t like to be a Necromancer though, it seems a bit creepy.

As for fictional worlds I wouldn’t want to live in, you couldn’t pay me to live in Panem. I mean I love The Hunger Games books, but to live in that world? Especially if you were reaped for the Games? I don’t think so. I would probably die in the bloodbath if I was entered into the Games. That’s a world I’d rather enjoy behind the pages than in them!

The same goes for the Unwind universe. I mean the books are incredible, but that’s a scary world. I could not live my entire teenage years knowing that my parents could possibly unwind me, though I don’t think they would ever do that, but I reckon it’s something you would live in constant fear of in that world. Also you would live in constant fear of possibly being caught by Parts Pirates! I could not live with the paranoia.

The A Series of Unfortunate Events world would be pretty miserable to live in too, I mean nothing good ever happens to those kids, so whilst Violet’s inventions are pretty cool and I’d love to talk books with Klaus, I reckon it was better to experience that world from an outsider perspective than inside. I also wouldn’t really like to live in the Divergent world, even though it’s probably one of the better of the futuristic worlds that I’ve read, because I’d hate to be valued by just one of my personality traits.

I wouldn’t really like to live in any of the historical fiction books that I’ve read either, because lovely as they are, it was a horrible time and much as I appreciate everything that people who were alive at that time did during the war, I’m quite grateful that I was not! I wouldn’t mind being able to meet Liesel from The Book Thief though and having a good natter about books!

So over to you, which fictional worlds would you like to be a part of? Where would you not want to be a part of? Where do you think is better experienced via the page? How would you survive in a dangerous fictional universe? Let me know!

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