Buddy the Elf: Book Tag

I was tagged for this a while ago but never got around to doing this tag, but since today is Christmas, it felt like the perfect time to do this tag. Thank you to Alyssa over at Under Review for tagging me! So here we go with the tag:

  1. “Treat everyday like Christmas! What’s one book you love to read no matter the time of year?”

I could say any book for this, because I’m not really a seasonal reader, but I’m going to go for this one:

goblet of fireBecause this is my favourite Harry Potter book and let’s face it, Harry Potter is an awesome series and you can enjoy them any time of year!

2) Buddy’s Spaghetti

Who are two book characters who are complete opposites but you think they go so well together?

Ummm this is a hard one…….most of the characters I can think of that would go together from different books have similar interests! This is kind of a wacky one, but I think Artemis Fowl and Aelin Galathynius would be very interesting to see work together because they’re both so smart (but completely different in other ways!).

3) The Clausometer

What’s one book you have 100% fangirl spirit?

Okay, so this is technically a series rather than just one book, but I’m going to say it still counts, Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Literally, me and my friend Hannah have fangirled for hours on end about both this series and the Heroes of Olympus series, so I definitely have a lot fangirl spirit for it!

4) “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. What recent read do you love so much you just want to sing it’s praises from the rooftops?”

the assassin's bladeI loved this book, it was so good! It makes me sad now that Queen of Shadows wasn’t so good.

5) “Son of a Nutcracker! What book had an ending you didn’t like?”

I’m sure there are lots of books I can put for this but I’m going to say the third book in the Pure trilogy, Burn. I felt the book kind of fizzled out toward the end and the ending didn’t really satisfy me.

6) “He must be a South Pole elf! What book character did you make a bad first impression with by mispronouncing their name?”

It took me three books to learn how to pronounce Celaena Sardothien’s name properly and then Sarah J Maas goes and changes it! On the bright side, Aelin is much easier to pronounce (which is of course why she had to add Ashryver Galathynius to it, just to make her name hard to pronounce again!).

7) “Santa Claus is coming to town! What’s the number one book on your Christmas wishlist?”

Well technically Santa Claus has already been now, but the number one book I want to buy with my Christmas money (since as suspected, I didn’t get any books for Christmas, which is fair enough, I didn’t ask for any!) is Dreamstrider because that book sounds so good!


8) Who do you tag?

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!


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