Friday Favourites #29

I know, I’ve been a little MIA on these posts for the past few weeks, but I’ve been lacking in inspiration and have had a lot happening in my life at the moment! But anyway, enough of my pathetic excuses, the point is I’m back with a new Friday Favourites post for you all! I’m pretty excited about this week’s topic as I’m doing something different to anything that I’ve done before in these posts. This week I’ve decided to talk about my favourite bookish tattoos. Now personally I don’t have any tattoos, my dad would probably kill me if I ever got one, but if I ever did decide to get one (highly unlikely as I don’t think I could stand the pain), I would definitely get a book related one. These are ten of my favourites:

  1. book tattoo 1This is one of my favourite book related quotes ever, so it would be a cool tattoo to have.
  2. book tattoo 2One of my absolute favourite Harry Potter quotes, I would definitely consider having that as a tattoo.
  3. book tattoo 3I found this and oh my god, how cool is it? Not only does it have the deathly hallows but also one of my favourite Dumbledore quotes!
  4. book tattoo 4You’ve got to admit, a Mockingjay tattoo would be a pretty cool one to have!
  5. book tattoo 5As a big Throne of Glass fan, of course I had to include a Throne of Glass inspired tattoo on here.
  6. book tattoo 8You got me, I’m cheating, this is a movie inspired tattoo not a book inspired tattoo, but I had to include it because The Lion King is one of my favourite movies.
  7. f354bc9fc05c8cb28a0cec3a3d0aa687You got me again, this is another movie related tattoo rather than a book related one, but Moulin Rouge is my favourite movie ever and Come What May is my favourite song from that movie, so I wanted to include a tattoo relating to that.
  8. the raven boys tattooIt’s a Raven Boys tattoo, need I say more? Who wouldn’t want one of these?
  9. the book thief tattooThe Book Thief is one of my favourite books, so obviously I loved this Book Thief inspired tattoo.
  10. beauty and the beast tattooSince I thought it was so gorgeous, I had to share this Beauty and The Beast inspired tattoo!

So that’s all for me this week, I hope you enjoyed my mainly bookish (but some not) bookish inspired tattoos! Any book inspired tattoos that you particularly love? Let me know!

I will hopefully be back next week with another Friday Favourites post (time and inspiration dependent), but in the meantime, I should have a new Sidekick Showcase Saturday post for you all tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #29

  1. girlinbookland December 3, 2015 / 4:03 pm

    A Raven King Tattoo. Yes! If I get one, I will probably get an owl. My favorite animal and you know…Hedwig.

    • iloveheartlandx December 3, 2015 / 4:11 pm

      It would be awesome right? Yes, the owl tattoo really appealed me too, mostly because of Hedwig!

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