Swoonworthy Sunday #27

This week, I’m continuing with my series of posts about the attractive guys of Nashville. The guy that I’m going to focus on this week is Gunnar Scott, who has always been one of my favourite characters on Nashville. I think I love him even more because the actor who plays him, Sam Palladio is British. so of course, being British myself I love that!

gunnar1. Gunnar has brown hair and blue eyes.

2. He is originally from Texas.

3. He is in love with Scarlett O’Connor and they are in a band together, The Exes, but for some reason, they just cannot get it together and be together already! It’s annoying! You both know you like it each other, so just admit it! (sorry, mini rant over!).

4. He is a singer-songwriter and plays the guitar.

5. He lives with Will and Avery, who are his best friends.

6. He had a brother, Jason, who died in the first season.

7. He is a sweet, generous, kind hearted guy and is very determined to make his dream of making it big in the music industry come true.

Gunnar’s Best Quotes:

  1. “You gave me back our history, you gave me us. We weren’t a lie. What we had was real. What we had was good.”
  2. “Well if you don’t upload a photo then you’re just an egg, and no one takes you seriously when you’re just an egg.”
  3. “Scarlett O’Connor has more talent than most of us dream about, she’s the one who pulled the good music out of me. I owe her everything.”
  4. “You’re amazing. You have more talent than anybody that I know. Somebody should tell you that everyday”

I will have another Swoonworthy Sunday post up for you next week, with another Nashville hottie, but in the meantime I will have my newest Monday Recommendations post for you all as soon as possible, so I will finally be caught up with my posts!

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