Sidekick Showcase Saturday #27

For this week’s incredibly late Sidekick Showcase (sorry about that, again!), I’ve decided to focus on another Hunger Games character. This time, I will be talking about Effie Trinket.

effieI like Effie, because she somewhat provides comic relief in an otherwise very bleak series, with her over the top attitude, her insistence on manners, her odd way of speaking and her optimism. As a character, I think she’s important to the Hunger Games cast, because everyone else is pretty bleak and depressed, so it’s nice to have a more upbeat character to take the edge of some of the depressive feel of the book. I also thought that it was sweet that she managed to see the beautiful side in Katniss volunteering for Prim. Plus whilst she seems vain and shallow and unaware of what is happening around her, you get the sense that she does at least somewhat understand the political implications of Peeta and Katniss’ attempted suicide at the end of the first Hunger Games books and I think she’s smarter than she’s given credit for. I liked that she changed sides to the rebels side, not because of political loyalties, but because of personal loyalties, to Peeta and Katniss and you can tell that she cares about them a lot. Ultimately, I think whilst Effie may have her flaws, she’s a kind hearted, loving person, who likes to look on the positive side of life, which in a world like Panem, I think is no bad thing.

I will be back with another Sidekick Showcase post next week, but in the meantime, I will have a new Swoonworthy Sunday post for you guys really soon.

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