Sidekick Showcase Saturday #22

I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do for this week’s Sidekick Showcase Saturday as I feel like I am running out of memorable sidekicks, but then I figured, why not return to the tried and trusted favourite Harry Potter, which seems to have no end of memorable secondary characters to use for this feature?! This week I have chosen to feature one of my favourite characters from the series, Neville!

nevilleI love Neville for many reasons, I love that he’s shy and awkward, that made me like him in the first book because he wasn’t this brash, confident, arrogant kid like Malfoy, he was just this shy, awkward boy, who didn’t realize how great he really was, which is incredibly endearing in a character. I always felt kind of bad for him because everything seemed to go wrong for him all the time in his first few years of school, though I do have to admit, it was kind of funny, especially when he said “why is it always me?” in the movies! I loved that he was brave in a not-so-obvious way (at least at first) and over the course of the books, we get to see this side of him emerge more. I also love how loyal he is to his friends, I would love to have a friend like Neville, he seems like someone I would actually be friends with in real life!

I will be back next week with another Sidekick Showcase Saturday, but in the meantime, I’m going to be posting a new Swoonworthy Sunday post for you all soon, so make sure to check that out!



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