Sidekick Showcase Saturday #21

For this week’s Sidekick Showcase Saturday, I am going to return to Harry Potter for inspiration, as Harry Potter is always a great source of brilliant side characters to feature in these posts (I mean I knew Harry Potter had a great cast of characters, but I didn’t realize quite how awesome all the secondary characters were until I started using them so often for this feature!). This week I have decided to feature my favourite members of the Weasley family (and yes, I do have favourites!), Fred and George!

fred and georgeI love Fred and George mostly because of their sense of humour, I love male characters who have a great sense of humour and you really can’t get much better than these two! Their inventions for their joke shop are awesome and come on, who hasn’t wished they were able to use something that Fred and George invented? Personally, I would love to have the Extendable Ears, for obvious reasons! I just loved reading about them because you could never not smile when there was a scene with Fred and George in it. I loved how different they were to the rest of the Weasleys and of course, I loved the relationship between them as well. I also liked that they did something creative with their considerable magical talents and one of my favourite moments in the Harry Potter series was with these two (when they leave Hogwarts on their brooms, with the fireworks display and everything, I thought that was awesome). You can’t help but admire them, because their inventions are so ingenious and they are both brave and daring. I would definitely want to be friends with Fred and George if they were real, you’d have to watch your back in case they pulled a prank on you, but I imagine they would be so much fun to be around!

I will be back next week with another Sidekick Showcase Saturday post, but in the meantime, I will have my latest Swoonworthy Sunday post for you soon!

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