Quarterly Rewind (June-August Edition)

As it is the end of summer, tomorrow will be September and we will be in Autumn, I am back with another Quarterly Rewind, my new feature, which I do every 3 months, to celebrate the end of one season and the beginning of a new one. I’m not sure when the official beginning of Autumn is, but I’m quite sure that I can confidently say summer is officially over here in the UK, if we ever had one to begin with, the weather has been quite miserable over the last few months! This post will cover from the end of June to the end of August. I had some great feedback on this feature, the last time I did it, so hopefully you all enjoy it as much this time!

Image from this summer:

blog photoThis picture is from Father’s Day (21st June, so just manages to make it into this post!), me and my family went out for lunch at the Hilton in our area, we had a really nice lunch and the weather was amazing, so we got this lovely photo of me, my dad and my sister outside.

Favourite Quote from a book I read this summer:

This is a little more difficult, because I’ve only actually fully read one book this summer, I am still making my way through A Court of Thorns and Roses and am about halfway through Trust In Me. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the chance to read much! I chose a quote from Between Shades of Grey (which I can use for this post as well as for my previous one, because I started it on 1st June which was in last quarter, but finished on the 22nd June, which was in this quarter, yay for overlapping quarters!). Anyway this is the quote:

“Krasivaya. It means beautiful, but with strength. Unique.”

I love this quote because I love the meaning of the word and it so perfectly describes Lina, the heroine of Between Shades of Grey.

This Summer in One Word


Most Popular Review This Summer:

I haven’t posted many reviews this summer, I think Between Shades of Grey was the only one, so I’ll just pick the review of mine that got the most views in the June-August period and that review was:


Undivided, the last book in the Unwind quartet. In fact, three of the books in the Unwind Quartet make up my top three most read review posts over the past three months, which makes me very happy! Hopefully I am doing as I intend with these reviews and bringing to people’s attention this wonderful series and making them want to read it to, because it is a brilliant series and woefully underrated!

Top Two Books I’ve Read This Summer:

This is pretty easy, given my lack of reading this summer (I really have just been annoyingly busy!), I’ll just put the two books that I’ve actually read this summer, one I haven’t finished yet, but I’m really close to finishing ACOTAR, so I’ll include it here.

  1. Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys-Yes, I know this was on this section of my last Quarterly Rewind, but I’ve actually finished it now (loved it by the way) and as I finished it on 22nd June, it handily fits into this post as well, so I can include it again.

2. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas-I have a few more chapters left of this, haven’t decided whether it’s a 3 or a 4 star for me yet, I’ve enjoyed reading it, but not as much as everyone else seems to have. it was really slow to start and I’m only just really getting into it now! Speaking of Sarah J Maas, who else is incredibly excited for Queen of Shadows? Ahh, it releases tomorrow!

Two things I’m looking forward to this Autumn:

  1. I’m going to University! I wasn’t meant to be going this year, but because of various circumstances, that would take too long to explain on here, I ended up applying through clearing and getting into the University of Stirling (it’s in Scotland) to do History and Journalism Studies. I’m really excited, but also kind of nervous. I hope it’s as good as I want it to be! Anyway, my going to University also means good things for this blog, because I’m hoping to do a series of University related posts on this blog throughout my first year and maybe even beyond, so hopefully you will all enjoy those!
  2. In October, me and my parents will be going to the World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, to see the Men’s All Around Final. I love watching Gymnastics and GB has some really great male gymnasts at the moment, so hopefully we do well and it should be a great event!

Three New Obsessions This Summer:

This is difficult, I’m not sure I can think of three! This summer has been incredibly busy for me with work, so I haven’t really had much time to develop new obsessions. Still, I’ll see what I can think of:

  1. Lucien-My favourite character from A Court of Thorns and Roses, I think it is safe to say I am obsessed with him and cannot wait to read more about him in the sequel (is it bad that I love him more than Feyre?).
  2. My new laptop-I just got it last weekend and I love it so much! It’s so much faster and better than my old laptop!
  3. My furry Gilet-I just bought this for University (it gets cold in Scotland) and I love it, it’s so fluffy and warm.

I know, a weird list of obsessions, but it was really all I could think of!

Most Popular Five Blog Posts Overall This Summer:

My five most popular blog posts this summer were once again all Top Ten Tuesday posts, these posts seem to be consistently very popular, which is great because I love doing this meme and being able to connect with other bloggers over their lists!

  1. Top Ten Tuesday #19-My most popular Top Ten Tuesday of the past 3 months was actually this week’s, Top Ten Books That Would Be On Your Syllabus, if you taught….. (fill in the blank). I chose Dystopia 101 and I’m really happy that this post is my most popular post of the last 3 months, because I really enjoyed the broadness of the topic and also seeing the diversity of what everyone else chose for their topics as well was great.


2. Top Ten Tuesday #13-My second most popular Top Ten Tuesday was Last Ten Books Which Came Into My Possession, which I have to say I’m quite surprised about, because I wouldn’t say that one was my favourite topic of the ones I’ve done in the past few months. Anyway, I’m glad all of you seemed to like it!


3. Top Ten Tuesday #12-This one was one of my favourite posts both to write and to read, because it was fun to see what hyped books I’d never read and out of my list, which ones I’d never consider reading and which ones I actually might like to. I came up with so many books for this list! It was also fun to see which hyped books everyone else had not read.


4. Top Ten Tuesday #14-I’m glad that my top ten (twelve!) books which feature diverse characters is one of my most popular posts of the last three months, because it was actually quite hard to think of books I’d read that featured diversity and I was really happy that I not only managed to make the ten, but went over it. It was also great to read other people’s lists and find more books with diverse characters in order for me to be able to diversify my reading.


5. Top Ten Tuesday #11 and Top Ten Tuesday #15-It was a tie between two posts again for fifth place as they both had the same number of views. Top Ten Tuesday #11 was my top ten favourite books of 2014 (as I had not read enough books in 2015 to do that list) and I really enjoyed writing that one because it allowed me to revisit all the great books I read last year and I also loved seeing everyone’s favourite books of 2015 in other people’s post. Top Ten Tuesday #15 is one of my absolute favourite posts I’ve done as part of Top Ten Tuesday because I love finding books with characters who are bookworms, so it was great to read other people’s lists and discover new books with those kinds of characters, but it was also fun to compile my own.



Five Posts I Loved On Other Blogs This Summer:

This will again see me regretting not keeping a list of blog posts that I’ve read over the past three months as it is really hard to keep track of all the ones I read. Again, the ones I come up with will most probably be from the last few weeks as those are the ones that I remember the best! Again, these will all be non review posts that I’ve enjoyed:

  1. Nevillegirl did a post on how she chose the books that she was going to take to college with her and I really enjoyed that as I am going to be facing a similar problem myself soon, I have to choose which books I take to University and obviously I will take all of my currently to-be-read books, but what do you do after that? With so many favourites, how do I decide what to leave and what to take with me? I’m not sure I can do it!


2.  The Feministas is one of my new favourite blogs, if you haven’t checked it out yet, then you definitely should, it’s a group of young girls who blog about issues that matter to them, they blog about feminism, but also in general about controversial issues of society.The one I decided to include here was this one about why men need feminism, focusing on Unmanly Sports and I just thought that Michelle’s post was so good that I wanted to include it here.


3. I’m including another post from the Feministas, this one was about clearing up the definition of feminism and I loved this post because it so annoys me when people say they aren’t a feminist because they think feminism is something different to what it actually is, we don’t hate men, we don’t want women to be better than men, we want gender equality.


4. I had to include this post from Michelle at the Feministas because it was such a thoughtful and well written piece and I just thought it was a really interesting topic and something I had never really thought about before.


(As you can probably tell, I’ve been reading The Feministas blog a lot in the last few months!)

5. I decided to include this post from Anjie @ Love Thy Shelf because love triangles are a personal pet peeve of mine, I have read so many of them by now that every time I even sense the possibility of a love triangle it makes me want to scream, but I loved her well thought out approach towards them and the way she discussed them was great.


Five Things That Happened This Summer:

  1. I got a job! I’ve been working at Greggs since the end of July and whilst I now have to leave my job (because of point number 2!), I have enjoyed working there.
  2. I got into University! I will be going off to the University of Stirling, next Saturday!
  3. I went to YALC with my friend Hannah, we had a great time, I bought loads of books and we met Derek Landy. How awesome is that? Hopefully we will be able to go back next year!
  4. I went to Newmarket Nights (a racecourse event in England) with my family.
  5. I binge rewatched all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl & 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls (still need to finish 6 & 7).

Six Songs I Listened To Way Too Often This Summer:

This will probably be based off the songs I hear most often on the radio at work as I can actually keep track of that (roughly)!

  1. Fight Song-Rachel Platten-I cannot count the number of times I’ve listened to this on the radio at work, on the way to work, on the way home from work…..but it’s okay, I love this song!
  2. Cheerleader-OMI-Make it stop! I hate this song now, I’ve heard it so many times. It was just a mild loathing the first time I heard it, but now I’ve heard it about a billion and one times and it’s just annoying!
  3. Black Magic-Little Mix-This is another one that is constantly playing on the radio, but I like this song, it has a catchy tune, this is another one (along with Fight Song), that I will probably download for my IPod.
  4. Marvin Gaye-Meghan Trainor & Charlie Puth-This is also always on the radio at work, I don’t love it, but it doesn’t irritate me quite as much as Cheerleader does, so I guess I can live with constantly hearing it.
  5. Blank Space-Taylor Swift-I love this song, so listening to it on the radio constantly is absolutely no problem for me!
  6. Shake It Off-Taylor Swift-This is another one that is played on the radio all the time, whilst I don’t really like it that much, I have learned to live with it.

So that is my Quarterly Rewind for this Summer, what do you guys think? What have you enjoyed most on the blog this summer? And of course, what have you guys been up to over the summer? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. thewritinghufflepuff 01/09/2015 / 10:56 am

    Thanks for including my posts on The Feministas! I’m happy you liked them 🙂

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