Friday Favourites #19

I know it’s not Friday, but ah well, you know the drill, I was busy last night and didn’t have time to write a post! For this week’s post I decided that I would focus on one of my favourite fantasy series which I never got to review because I read the series way before I started this blog and that series is the Artemis Fowl series. I can’t exactly remember how I got into it now, I think a friend recommended it to me and then I borrowed the books first from the school library, then a local library and then from my sister. I started them and completely fell in love with the series, devouring the first four books in quick succession. I loved watching the growth of Artemis through the series, he’s always an evil genius, but he develops so much as a character through the books, he becomes a mature young man, willing to use his criminal talents to help the fairies out. I love all of the fairy characters, especially Holly Short, I’m pretty sure you could call her a feminist character (if elves can be feminists, I’m sure they can!), she’s the first and only female captain in LEPrecon (the fairy police) and she’s really good at her job and becomes respected by her male colleagues and can definitely hold her own, which is really cool. She’s really sarcastic as well, which of course I love, because sarcastic characters are my faves. She doesn’t play by the rules either, which I love, because characters are so much better when they’re rebellious! I liked the way Artemis and Holly’s friendship developed through the books, though I wasn’t so keen on the hints of a romantic relationship between the two, given the huge age gap and species gap, so I was glad that never went anywhere. All of the other fairy characters are great too, Root, Mulch, Foaly, they all have their own distinct personalities and eccentricities, Foaly in particular is awesome, what could be better than a sarcastic, computer geek, centaur? Opal, the main villain is great too, she’s crazy but powerful enough that she’s a serious threat, which is always good in a villain! The series contains all the things I love most, magic, crime, cool high tech gadgets, action,  teenage geniuses…it’s all good. I have to say though, that whilst I do love the books, I found it to be a series of two halves. The first four books were amazing, I really enjoyed them, I loved the stories, the characters, everything but things kind of changed around book five. I still enjoyed the series, don’t get me wrong and the characters were still great but I kind of found that the stories got a bit confusing after that, maybe it was just me but I remember that being my reaction when I first read them (which admittedly was a while ago, so maybe I would have a different reaction if I read them again now) but I just didn’t feel like the back half of the series was as good as the first half. I did like the climax of the series though, so often the last book in a series is a huge disappointment, but I liked the way that this series ended, everything came full circle.

So if you’re looking for a good fantasy series to read, I would definitely recommend this one, it’s a good series, even if the latter half is not as good as the first half.

I will have my Sidekick Showcase Saturday and Swoonworthy Sunday posts for you later on this evening, tomorrow at the latest, as I know I’m really far behind on posts for the end of this week!


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