Sidekick Showcase Saturday #18

I thought I would continue with my Artemis Fowl Sidekicks theme this week, by talking about one of my favourite characters from the series, Mulch Diggums. I kind of wished he’d been featured more, because even though he plays a role in the series, he’s not a major character. Mulch Diggums is a dwarf, and he’s a kleptomaniac, he loves to steal things and he’s incredibly funny. He’s able to sneak into places by digging tunnels underground, using his jaws as he’s able to unhinge them to dig which is really cool and he has tools which he can use to be able to break into places. Even though he’s a burglar, you can’t help but admire his skills and you root for him because he’s on the side of Holly and Artemis. His skills are actually really helpful as he’s able to use them to break into places to get things that Holly and Artemis need. He is also able to propel himself through tunnels using flatulence, which is kind of gross but also kind of clever and it has different varieties (but again, you can’t help but admire his resourcefulness). His beard hairs act as antennae and they can pick up vibrations through walls and underground, which again I thought was really cool and when they stiffen they can be used to form keys and other useful items, which is very resourceful. When his spit dries, it glows in the dark and becomes rock solid and it contains a ¬†sedative. His dwarf rock polish can be used to melt glass and metal. He also smells horrible.

Basically, Mulch is grumpy, but very funny and kind of lovable, he has some really useful skills and he really grows on you as the series goes on and I love his relationships with Artemis and Holly. He’s one of those characters that you just can’t help but love and I could so read a spin-off series about his adventures as a thief.

I will have my Swoonworthy Sunday post for you all soon (hopefully, if not it will be tomorrow) and next week, I will be back with another one of these posts.


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