Swoonworthy Sunday #17

I’m kind of cheating a little this week, I’ve chosen a TV character, although technically the character I’ve chosen is a character from a book series that was adapted to TV, but the book series and TV series are so wildly different, that it may as well be a different character. The character that I’ve chosen is Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

chuck bassThe Gist of Chuck (from the TV series):

  1. Chuck has brown hair and brown eyes.
  2. He is the son of Bart Bass and is one of the richest people on the Upper East Side.
  3. Blair Waldorf is the love of his life.
  4. He starts off as a heartless womanizer, the typical bad boy, but softens throughout the series, showing a softer side especially towards Nate, Eric, Serena, Lily & Blair.
  5. He enjoys scheming, much like Blair.
  6. He is very loyal to his friends.
  7. He has some deep rooted insecurities relating to his father’s cold and distant nature and his mother’s absence and this means that it is hard for him to trust people.
  8. He is quite intelligent and is able to verbally spar with people and has been shown to be very witty.

Chuck’s Best Quotes:

  1. “I’m Chuck Bass” -Used frequently throughout the series, kind of his catchphrase.
  2. “3 words, 8 letters, say it and I’m yours” -2×01
  3. “I’m Chuck Bass, the love of her life. Anyone else is a waste of time” 4×20
  4. “I just wanted you to be free. Whom you choose to love with that freedom is up to you” 5×19
  5. “If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back” -4×09
  6. “I am so sorry for the pain I’ve caused you. And I know I can’t take it back, but I want to try and make it up to you. Even if it taes me the rest of my life” 5×06
  7. “I’m not Chuck Bass without you” -3×01

8. Blair-“Chuck Bass is a romantic, who knew?”

Chuck-“Now you do and that’s all that matters” -1×18

9. “You don’t give up on the people you love” 5×12

10. “In the face of true love, you don’t give up, even if the object of your affection is begging you to” -1×18

I will have another one of these next week, but tomorrow I will have my newest Monday Recommendations post for you, so make sure to check it out.


4 thoughts on “Swoonworthy Sunday #17

  1. Bookmark Chronicles August 9, 2015 / 11:31 pm

    Love him. His accent in real life is to die for but I love when her says “I’m Chuck Bass” ❤

    • iloveheartlandx August 10, 2015 / 8:19 am

      Me too! I think everyone loves it when he says that.

  2. Zezee August 10, 2015 / 1:50 am

    Lol “I’m Chuck Bass” is the explanation given for everything.
    Him and Blair are my favorites from the show.

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