Sidekick Showcase Saturday #15

For this week’s Sidekick Showcase, I decided to focus on another Hunger Games character and that character is Rue. I love Rue for many reasons, one of which being that I think she’s very brave first for even taking part in the Games, I know she didn’t exactly have much choice, but still, for a twelve year old, taking part in the Games is a very brave thing. I love how she’s underestimated because she’s so small and so young, but that she’s actually very clever and sneaky and uses the fact that she’s underestimated to her advantage. She’s so sweet in nature though that it’s impossible not to like her and I like that her strategy to survive in the Games was by using her climbing skills to spy on the other tributes in training so she could assess their strengths and weaknesses and then using those same skills to evade them in the arena, rather than killing the other tributes, she stands back and lets them fight it out among themselves, which is a clever strategy and sticks to her sweet nature. I love that she brings out Katniss’ softer side, much like Prim and I kind of wished she’d survived longer because I loved her scenes with Katniss. Rue was such a lovely, sweet, innocent girl and that’s why I chose her for my Sidekick Showcase this week, because she’s such a sweet person, so clever and brave and she didn’t deserve what happened to her and her moments in The Hunger Games are definitely standout. I will be back next week with another Sidekick Showcase, but in the meantime, I will be posting my Swoonworthy Sunday post soon, so keep an eye out for that!



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