Sidekick Showcase Saturday #14

I’m so sorry for my lack of punctuality on memes recently, life has been really busy and is about to get busier as I start my new part-time job on Friday! Blogging is definitely high priority though and I will make sure that I still post regularly, I just may not be as punctual with my posts as I usually try to be! Anyway, for this week’s Sidekick Showcase, I decided I would choose a character from Skulduggery Pleasant, as I’m still high on the excitement of having met Derek Landy! The character I’ve decided to focus on is Tanith Low.

tanithI have many favourite supporting characters from the world of Skulduggery Pleasant and whilst Tanith isn’t my ultimate favourite, she definitely ranks up there. She’s just the sort of female character that I love, the strong, kick ass, confident female, Tanith basically embodies all of these things. Although I’m generally not that keen of Valkyrie, I do love her and Tanith’s relationship and how they’re like sisters (even though this is kind of weird since Tanith is in her 90’s, but they’re magic and they don’t age in the same way). I love all her fight scenes and though it sounds kind of morbid, it was kind of fun seeing what near-death situation she would end up in next. I love the contrast in her personality, she can be really warm and caring towards people but then she’s so tough and vicious in a fight. I love that she’s smart, able to take care of herself, incredibly loyal and protective of her friends and marches to the beat of her own drum. I was really sad that she and Ghastly never managed to work things out. I even enjoyed her when she was evil, but I won’t deny I was glad when she went back to her normal self. All in all, she’s a pretty awesome character and I’m glad she didn’t die, although it was touch and go for a while!

I will have my Swoonworthy Sunday post for you in a little while!


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