Swoonworthy Sunday #12

Okay, so it’s technically Monday, but I just didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, forgive me! For this week’s Swoonworthy Sunday, I decided to choose a boy from one of my favourite series, The Raven Cycle and the boy I have chosen is Gansey, although let’s face it, I could have chosen any one of the Raven Boys because they’re all hot, and I probably will do posts on the other three (or maybe just Ronan and Adam, it’s a little difficult to find Noah attractive, since he’s a ghost) at a later time. Sorry for the lack of picture, but there is no Raven Boys movie yet, so I don’t have one. They should really get on that!

The Gist of Gansey:

1. His full name is Richard Campbell Gansey III.

2. He is 17 years old and attends Aglionby Academy.

3. He is the son of Richard Gansey II and Mrs Gansey.

4. He is tall, with short tousled brown hair, hazel eyes, a straight nose and a square build. He has bad eyesight and wears contacts most of the time, but wire-framed glasses the rest of the time.

5. He is sweet and caring and sort of the ‘mother hen’ of his group of friends.

6. He is destined to die (NOOOOOOO! Why Stiefvater did you make him so lovely and let us get all attached to him when he’s always been destined to die?)

7. He has an orange Camaro which is nicknamed “The Pig”.

8. He has a crush on Blue.

Gansey’s Best Quotes:

1. “Also, truth be told, he wasn’t very good at flying a helicopter, despite several lessons. He seemed to lack the important ability to orient himself vertically as well as horizontally, which led to disagreements involving trees.” -The Raven Boys, Maggie Stiefvater

2. “What was a kiss without a kiss?”
It was a tablecloth tugged from beneath a party service, everything jumbled against everything else in just a few chaotic moments. Fingers in hair. Hands cupping necks. Mouths dragged on cheeks and chins in dangerous proximity.” -The Dream Thieves

3. “Gansey had always felt as if there were two of him: the Gansey who was in control, able to handle any situation, able to talk to anyone, and then, the other, more fragile Gansey, strung out and unsure, embarrassingly earnest, driven by naive longing.” -The Raven Boys

4. “Gansey had no idea how old Blue was. He knew she’d just finished eleventh grade. Maybe she was sixteen. Maybe she was eighteen. Maybe she was twenty-two and just very short and remedial.” -The Dream Thieves

5. “More than anything, the journal wanted. It wanted more than it could hold, more than words could describe, more than diagrams could illustrate. Longing burst from the pages, in every frantic line and every hectic sketch and every dark-printed definition. There was something pained and melancholy about it.” -The Raven Boys

6. “It wasn’t that he expected to see the dead. All of the sources said that church watchers had to possess the second sight, and Gansey barely possessed first sight before he put his contacts in. He just hope for something.” -The Raven Boys

7. “Sometimes, Gansey felt like his life was made up of a dozen hours that he could never forget.” -The Raven Boys

8. “I am only my money. It is all anyone sees, even Adam.” -The Raven Boys

Any other Gansey/The Raven Boys fans out there? Who is excited for the last book? Who is very impatient that we have to wait until February? Anyone else dreading seeing Gansey die? Let me know!

I will have my Monday Recommendations for you (the actual scheduled post for today) soon.


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