Sidekick Showcase Saturday #12

I know, I know, I’m awful, I’ve got so behind on my posts these last few days, but hopefully I will be able to catch up tonight and be back on track for tomorrow! I’m still kind of running by myself with this one as JC hasn’t updated their site in months, so I guess it’s just up to me and my memory to come up with brilliant sidekicks for you each week! The character I’ve chosen this week is one of my favourites of the series that they are in and that character is Haymitch from the Hunger Games. Initially I wasn’t too keen on Haymitch, he just seemed like a drunk to me, but he definitely grew on me through the series. Given how much he’s been through, it’s understandable why he’s grumpy and bitter and drinks a lot. I like that Suzanne Collins makes him sympathetic rather than just the embittered drunk, I always felt for Haymitch and what he had been through with being in the Hunger Games, losing his entire family and having to mentor year after year of kids who never made it. I liked that Haymitch had a softer side, that he wasn’t simply the grouchy middle aged man all the time. I love his relationship with Katniss, it’s clear how similar they are and it’s fun seeing them butt heads but I also love their close, leaning on each other moments. I think out of all the characters in the books, Haymitch understands Katniss the best, probably because they’re so similar. I also like his relationship with Peeta, it’s clear how much he cares about both of them even if he doesn’t always seem to show it. Plus, I love how smart and sarcastic Haymitch is, as those are two qualities I love in male characters. Basically, I think Haymitch is pretty awesome, despite his grouchy exterior, he does have his sweet moments and he’s always in Peeta and Katniss’ corner. I can definitely think of worse people than Haymitch to have your back.

I know this was quite short, but I am trying to do a mass update today, so I can’t be writing posts that are very long! I will have my Swoonworthy Sunday post for you and my Monday Recommendations post for you a little later. If you haven’t already though, check out my Make Me Read It Read-a-thon post and vote for which books I’ll be reading for the Read-a-thon.



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