Friday Favourites #12

As I haven’t focused on a favourite character in a long time, I decided that this was what I would do this week, talk about one of my favourite characters. This character is actually a new character on my list of favourite characters, as I only started to read this series last year and although I didn’t like her much at first, I’ve grown to love her. The character I’m talking about is Celaena Sardothien (Aelin Galathynius) from Throne of Glass.

celaena(Photo is from the Throne of Glass wiki)

Celaena is one of those characters who has kind of grown on me slowly, I wasn’t sure about her in the first book, I liked that she was headstrong and feisty and stubborn but she didn’t seem like she was as brilliant an assassin as she was made out to be and she was incredibly arrogant. However, once she proved how good of an assassin she was in the second book, I could understand her arrogance a little better and whilst she may be arrogant and has a very short temper, she does have some redeeming qualities, she’s incredibly loyal to her friends and you know that she would quite literally fight to the death for them. I love how smart she is and how much she loves books, it’s so great to see fellow bookworms in books. She’s so passionate about things, which is amazing and yet terrible at the same time because it means she’s very easily broken, I liked seeing the broken Celaena after Nehemia’s death, because even though it meant she was a little whiny, it was nice to see underneath the usually confident exterior and it was good to see how she came back even stronger. I also like that whilst she’s this great assassin, she still feels like a normal teenage girl, she likes boys, pretty dresses, looking good, books and music, it makes her feel much more relatable as a teenage girl.

Basically Celeana is a pretty kick-ass heroine, and whilst I had my initial misgivings about her at first, she seemed a little too arrogant and a little too perfect for me, as the books have gone on and she has shown all of her skills and abilities, the inkling of liking that I had for her in the first book has grown to love. I can’t wait to see where her story goes from here, I am so excited for Queen of Shadows, I’m not sure I even have the words to explain. Can September be here already? I need that book already!

I will have another Friday Favourites for you next week, but tomorrow is Sidekick Showcase Saturday, so make sure to check back tomorrow for that post.


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