Monday Recommendations #10

For this week’s Monday Recommendations, I decided I would give recommendations of books to read by one of my favourite authors, Sophie McKenzie. She writes really gripping, exctiing books, so if you love plot driven novels then her books are definitely for you. These are my favourite books by her, but she does also have some adult novels and another teen series which I haven’t read because it seems to be fairly romance based.

1. Split Second & Every Second Counts-I raced through both of these books, they were exciting, edge of your seat type books with good main characters and I loved the kind of dystopia like setting of a near-future London.

2. Blood Ties and Blood Ransom-I think these are my favourite Sophie McKenzie books, the whole idea of cloning is really interesting to me, I liked the main characters Rachel and Theo and the main villain Elijah Lazio was suitably creepy. Personally, I preferred Blood Ransom to Blood Ties, but both books are very good.

3. The Medusa Project-Not my favourites of Sophie McKenzie’s books, I have to say, but this six book series is very quick to read as the books are all quite short & the whole teens having psychic powers thing is really cool. Some of the characters are better than others, Nico and Dylan were my personal favourites, so obviously I enjoyed the books narrated from their perspective more than Ed and Ketty. These books are aimed at a more pre-teen audience I think. Still they are fast-paced and fun, in usual Sophie McKenzie style.

4. The ‘Missing’ Series-This is comprised of three books, Girl, Missing, Sister, Missing and Missing Me. The first two are narrated by Lauren, the last by her younger sister Madison. I liked these books, Girl, Missing is definitely my favourite, but they are all gripping mysteries, I actually missed my bus stop once when I was reading Sister, Missing because I was so gripped by the story!

I will have another Monday Recommendations for you next week, but tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesday and as I have not been doing it long enough to pick my top ten favourite topics from the past five years, I have chosen an old top ten topic which I did not get the chance to do, my top ten favourite couples in books, so make sure you check that out tomorrow! I have also posted a new review of my most recent read, Between Shades of Grey.


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