Sidekick Showcase Saturday #10

I was having trouble thinking of who to choose for the post this week, but then I figured, why not do the post I meant to do for you a few weeks ago on Nehemia from Throne of Glass? JC still hasn’t posted a topic for June yet (and at this point I’m not sure if they will), so I’m kind of just going along with what I feel like doing for these posts for the moment. As you will all know if you have been reading my blog for a while, I love strong females, and Nehemia definitely falls under this category, but what I love even more is female friendships. I don’t feel like there are enough of them in books, girls always seem to be fighting with each other, or trying undermine each other, and so I love it when I read books where female characters are friends. Especially when you factor in that Nehemia and Celeana are both strong, powerful women, this dynamic is even rarer. As a character, I found Nehemia rather intriguing, she has kind of an air of mystery about her and you sense that there is more to her than meets the eye, it was great to see the layers of her motivations and personality. I feel like Sarah J Maas could have delved even deeper into her character though, there was more to see from her that we didn’t get the chance to see, her storyline was kind of cut short just when it was getting interesting. I liked that Nehemia was a POC, but she wasn’t just added in there for diversity, she had a real purpose for the story. I loved that she was strong and brave and intelligent, all of my favourite qualities in a female character. I feel like people’s opinions of her have been clouded by her actions in the second book and why I don’t agree with what she did, I understand why she did it. Nehemia has always been a honourable character and her love for her country is truly admirable, so it is understandable why she thought she had to take the course of action she did. I also think that she truly did care for Celaena, and that her friendship really did mean something to her. I feel like Nehemia saw Celeana differently from most of the other characters and I liked that. So whilst she may not have been perfect, Nehemia was for the most part, a strong, brave, honourable person, who always acted in the best interests of her people, and despite her actions in Crown of Midnight was a true friend to Celeana. I only wish we had been able to learn more about her because I feel like there is so much more of a story there. A Nehemia based spinoff maybe Sarah J Maas? That’s really all I could think of to explain why I chose Nehemia for my Sidekick Showcase today (my post that got deleted about her probably would have been way better than this one, but oh well!). I apologize for the lack of picture, but there is no Throne of Glass movie or TV show yet (hint movie or TV people, you need to get on that!).

I will have another Sidekick Showcase Saturday post for you next week, but tomorrow I will be back with my next Swoonworthy Sunday post, so make sure to check that out. I also posted a new book tag today, so you could always read that.


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