More Happy Than Not Tag

After reading two posts of this where the bloggers invited everyone to participate in the tag, I figured I may as well do it. Basically this tag is inspired by Adam Silvera’s upcoming novel More Happy Than Not, and all you have to do is list the big/small things that make you happy in life. Sounds fun, no? So let’s get started!

I am more happy that not when……..

I can go to Waterstones and actually have the money to buy new books. Best feeling in the world is being surrounded by all those books and knowing that you can have anything you want!

I am reading (obviously!). This is my current read Between Shades of Grey which I am really enjoying so far!


A new book in any of my favourite series is released! I’m looking at you Queen of Shadows! Only 2 and a bit months to goimage

I get to ride/be around horses. I love horses, so going down to my local stables is the best part of my week!


I get to hang out with my awesome best friends! I love these girlsimage.                   image


I have a large pile of books to read! It means I’m never in danger of running out!

I go on holiday with my family, we have so much fun!

imageThis is me in Central Park in New York whilst on holiday with my family about three years ago. It was so much fun!

When I get to go see musicians I love perform live! I got to see Taylor Swift on her Red Tour last year, it was incredible! I also got to see Ed Sheeran on his tour last year, which was just as awesome.

I get to talk to all you lovely bloggers on Twitter, I feel like I’ve got to know so many new people through Twitter this year and it’s great.

I get to cuddle with my dog, he might be irritating when he’s constantly begging for food or walks but I love him, and giving him a good cuddle always makes me feel better.


This is my family’s black labrador Otis, he’s 8 and a bit years old and we love him to bits!

I see a good movie adaptation of one of my favourite books! It makes me feel so happy when Hollywood actually does a book I love right.

image One of my favourite book to movie adaptations-The Hunger Games.

I start reading a new book-I love the feeling of anticipation when you start to read a new book and you don’t know what it’s going to be like, but you’re really excited because it could be really good but at the same time nervous that you might not enjoy it.

I am eating-what can I say? I love food!

I go running, I love the feeling of freedom when you run, and the satisfaction that you get when you come home having completed a run.

I am listening to all my favourite music on my IPod.

I am watching one of my favourite TV shows.

I find out a show I love got renewed for another season.

Binge watching my favourite shows from start to finish, I most commonly do this with Friends and Gilmore Girls.

Introducing people I know, family/friends to a book/series that I love and finding that they love it to.

I am talking about books I like, seriously, I could do that all day.

I am blogging!

I go to a new country that I’ve never been to before, it’s so exciting! I love to travel, especially when we go somewhere new, and you get to explore this entire new country, it’s great! I have a huge wishlist of countries I want to go to.

I am writing my fanfiction, for anyone who doesn’t know, I have a fanfiction account, my pen name is IloveheartlandX so if any of you are also on fanfic you should check out some of my stories.

I get interesting mail (ie something that’s not a bank statement since that seems to make up most of my mail).

I find new TV shows to fall in love with.

I find new books/authors to fall in love with.

I get to go to any book related event.

I get to go ice-skating, I’m not the best skater in the world, but I can manage to skate without falling over, and our trips to the ice rink in Canary Wharf are the best.

I’m tagging anyone who reads this post to do this tag, now that you’ve seen what makes me happy, and hopefully learned a little more about me, I want to know about you guys. What makes you happy?

Leave your links in the comments!


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