Sidekick Showcase Saturday #7

So I’m back with another Sidekick Showcase for you! I realise that so far, nearly all of my sidekicks have been from Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, and whilst that’s great, as those books are awesome, I feel like I should share one of my favourite supporting characters from another book. This still fits one of JC’s themes for May, as she is a motherly character. The character I want to tell you all about today is Meggie McGregor from the Noughts and Crosses series (I’m sorry I don’t have a picture this week as there hasn’t been any adaptations of Noughts and Crosses, as far as I know anyway).

I admire this woman so much. Meggie McGregor is one tough cookie, she goes through hell and back in the Noughts and Crosses books, particularly the first one, she loses all of her family by the end of the books, and she loses her best friend Jasmine Hadley when she fires her, yet she still manages to keep going. She loves her family deeply (which makes their loss even more devastating) and she cares so much for Sephy and Callie Rose (even though Sephy is not related to her, and she would have plenty of reason to hate her). I don’t always agree with all of her actions, but she usually acts out of love, and besides I like my characters flawed! I liked that I could always sympathize with Meggie and was always rooting for good things to happen to her, as she goes through so much bad stuff, and as a secondary character she is pretty well developed throughout the series. She’s one of those characters who you just want to give a hug to.

It’s been a while since I read these books so I don’t have much else to say. Meggie McGregor seriously cares for her children, and whilst she may make some mistakes, there’s no doubting how much she loves all three of her kids, and Callie Rose and Sephy too. The woman probably goes through every tragedy possible in her life, and yet still comes out the other side, able to love Sephy even when she would have had good reason to hate her, and not giving up. So that’s why she’s my Sidekick Showcase for today, a mother character who I truly admire.


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