Friday Favourites #7

First of all, I just want to say how much fun I had on this afternoon’s Twitter chat for ABEA, it was such a fun chat, and it was so nice to hear from so many fellow bloggers! Second of all, I’m back with another Friday Favourite! I had a bit of trouble thinking of what I wanted to highlight today, but in the end I decided I wanted to highlight one of my favourite book series, and if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you will know how obsessed I am with these books, they are the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, the original Percy Jackson series. It might be surprising that these ones are my favourites as opposed to The Heroes of Olympus books (which don’t get me wrong, I do love) since the Heroes of Olympus books I feel ar aimed at a slightly older audience, but they are.

I was introduced to Percy Jackson by a friend of mine when I was in year 9, I was about 14 when I started reading them. I was pretty sure I would love them, after all, anyone who knows me well would be able to tell you that I love Greek mythology, so greek mythology with a modern twist was right up my alley. I was right, as soon as I read the first book I instantly fell in love. I loved Rick Riordan’s writing style, and I loved Percy’s first person narration. I loved the humour of these books, and I automatically connected with it, because Percy’s wry, sarcastic sense of humour is so similar to my own. I love the funny chapter titles, along with Percy’s first person narration that was what I missed most in the Heroes of Olympus. I immediately fell in love with Camp Half-Blood, it was like the feeling  I got when I first read about Hogwarts on Harry Potter, basically “I want to go there!”. I mean seriously, doesn’t Camp Half-Blood sound like the most fun summer camp ever?

I loved the relationship between Annabeth, Grover and Percy in the first series, reminded me of Harry, Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter, although Percy Jackson is great in it’s own right and is not just a cheap copy of Harry Potter. Again, I really missed that in the Heroes of Olympus series. The development of Percy and Annabeth’s relationship is amazing, take note YA authors, this is how relationship development is done, there is no insta-love here, Annabeth and Percy start out not really liking each other all that much, they then become friends and this friendship develops over the course of the books into romance (or romantic feelings at least since they don’t really get together properly until the last book). It’s developed slowly, and realistically and is a believable relationship because Percy and Annabeth complement each other so well. Annabeth is a great female heroine, smart, brave, a great fighter and fiercely loyal. Percy is one of my favourite male characters ever, with his sarcastic, dry humour, his denseness when it comes to certain things and yet he’s still able to be smart at the right times, his bravery, his loyalty……..I could go on about how much I love Percy for a very, very long time, but we’d be here all day if I did that. The stories were always a lot of fun, and very exciting, and I loved seeing Percy’s powers grow and develop over the course of the books. I also loved all the quests, and I liked seeing the different powers that demigods with different godly parents had. In a world where YA parents tend to be absent, I liked the fact that Percy was so close to his mum, and I found the whole blue food thing really cool. I loved the character development of Luke through this series, from this guy you think is nice, to evil slave of Kronos, to host of Kronos (spoiler alert), to his redemption at the end.

I found these books had kind of an addictive quality to them, once I’d read the first one, I had to devour the others, I can’t remember how long I took to finish them the first time I read them, but I don’t think it was very long! I also loved that Riordan maintained a high standard throughout the series, in some book series you find that the later books aren’t as good as the early ones, but that didn’t happen for me with the Percy Jackson series. Plus the conclusion in the final book was satisfying, which is more than I can say for Blood of Olympus. I liked that I cared about the supporting characters in these books, because often, authors don’t make you care about the supporting characters, and they are just kind of there.  I love how along with the action and the funny parts, there were some really touching moments as well. I loved the gods and the way that each one if of them had their own distinct personality, and I loved the relationship between Percy and Poseidon. Rick Riordan did all the relationships so well in this series, be they familial, friendships or potential romances.

I loved the way the prophecy unfolded in the last book and how events that had been building through the series finally came to a conclusion, as I said before, it was satisfying. I probably would have been perfectly happy if there had been no more books after the last Percy Jackson (okay who am I kidding? Of course I wanted more!) but you get what I mean, the conclusion was good enough that it could have ended there, had Rick Riordan not wanted to do another series.

In a way, this series and Heroes of Olympus kind of defined my late teenage reading years, but I will always look back on the first series with fond nostalgia as this was the series that started my love affair with Percy Jackson and these are books I still rave about five years after I read them, and probably will continue to rave about for years to come. What can I say? I’m obsessed. If I had to choose a favourite book from this series (and it’s really difficult), then it would probably be Battle of The Labyrinth, but the last three books were all five star reads for me. I was really sad to have to say goodbye to these characters who I have loved for so long at the end of Blood Of Olympus, but hey, I always have rereads, I’ve already reread this series once and as soon as I have time, will be doing it again!

The Percy Jackson and The Olympians Books:

image        image  image  image image

So any other Percy Jackson fans out there? If you have read both series, do you prefer the original like me, or The Heroes of Olympus series? If so why? Which is your favourite book? Who’s your favourite character? What do you love most about the books? Are you a Percabeth shipper? If you haven’t read the books yet do you want to? Let me know!

That’s my Friday Favourites for today, I’ll have another one of these next week but tomorrow I will have another Armchair BEA post for you, and a Sidekick Showcase Saturday. Also if you haven’t already checked it out, then check out my most recent review of Teri Terry’s Slated.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #7

  1. signourney 30/05/2015 / 7:53 am

    I’ve only read the first three of Heroes of Olympus, but I do prefer it over Percy Jackson as we get more character’s point of views like Annabeth.

    • iloveheartlandx 30/05/2015 / 8:08 am

      I did like that about the Heroes of Olympus series (and I do still love those books, don’t get me wrong!), I just like the feel of the Percy Jackson books better. Plus I hate Jason and Piper.

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