Monday Recommendations #6

For today’s Monday Recommendations, I decided that I would give recommendations of books from an author who was one of my favourite authors when I was about pre-teen age,and  that author is Jacqueline Wilson.  For me Jacqueline Wilson was kind of my gateway into authors like Jodi Picoult, her books dealt with tough issues, but I liked that, and books like hers made me into the reader that I am today. Here are my recommendations of Jacqueline Wilson books (there will probably be more than five, she has a lot of books to choose from!).

1. The Story of Tracy Beaker-I couldn’t do a post of Jacqueline Wilson books without including this one now could I? Tracy Beaker was one of my favourite fictional characters when I was younger, and I loved the CBBC TV show as well.

2. The Suitcase Kid-This one is actually kind of depressing as it’s about a girl whose parents are divorced, but I did really enjoy it when I was younger, so that’s why I’m recommending it.

3. The Illustrated Mum-Again, kind of depressing, but I liked the main character Dolphin and her friendship with Oliver, and it was an enjoyable story.

4. Double Act-I liked this story, I felt it was a little lighter than some of Jacqueline Wilson’s other books, and the whole twin aspect I found really interesting, especially the differing personalities of Ruby and Garnet. Ruby kind of irritated me though, how domineering she was all the time, but it’s a nice story.

5. The Bed and Breakfast Star-This one is more fun than some of Jacqueline Wilson’s other books, I loved the main character Elsa and how loud and outgoing she was and the really bad jokes that she told.

6. The Lottie Project-I liked the character of Charlie and really enjoyed her Victorian diary, that was my favourite aspect of the book.

7. Clean Break-I loved the character of Em, and found her very relatable.

8. My Sister Jodie-Although the ending was sad, I really enjoyed the story.

9. Girls Under Pressure-I’m not sure if I would enjoy it now, but I did like this book when I read it.

So there we go, my recommendations for Jacqueline Wilson books. Are there any that you would add? Have you read any of these? Did you enjoy them? Let me know. I will be back with another Monday Recommendations next week but tomorrow is another Top Ten Tuesday, my favourite post of the week, so I hope a lot of you check it out!


2 thoughts on “Monday Recommendations #6

    • iloveheartlandx May 28, 2015 / 9:56 am

      Me too! I don’t really read her books now, but she was one of my immediate go-to authors when I was a younger teenager.

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