Swoonworthy Sunday #5

The subject of today’s Swoonworthy Sunday doesn’t exactly fit into my Book Boyfriend type, but he’s definitely attractive, and deep down is sweet and caring even if he has a tough exterior. The character I have chosen today is Four (Tobias, but I will always know him as Four), from Veronica Roth’s Divergent Trilogy.

imageThe Gist of Four:

1. Has dark blue eyes and dark brown skin with a few freckles on his nose. He has a scar on his chin. He has tattoos of all five factions on his back (description from book).

2. He is 18 years old at the start of Divergent (in book, older in movie).

3. His nickname is Four because he only has four fears, claustrophobia, heights, shooting someone and his father Marcus Eaton (his fear of shooting someone later changes to Tris dying).

4. He transferred into Dauntless from Abnegation in order to escape his abusive father.

5. He is sweet and protective of Tris but can be very intimidating and is tough on her at times. He isn’t very trusting of people.

6. He is strong and brave.

7. He works in intelligence.

8. He loves Tris Prior.

Best Four Quotes:

1. “Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it” -Divergent

2. “Two things you should know about me; the first is that I am deeply suspicious of people in general. It is my nature to expect the worst of them. And the second is that I am unexpectedly good with computers” -Divergent

3. “I don’t need to relive my fears anymore. All I need to do now is try to overcome them” -Allegiant (I haven’t read Allegiant yet, but I found the quote on goodreads and I liked it so I thought I’d include it).

4. “Sometimes people just want to be happy, even if it’s not real” -Insurgent

5. “I don’t want to be just one thing. I want to be brave and selfless and intelligent and honest and kind” -Divergent

6. “I have a theory that bravery and selflessness aren’t all that different” -Divergent

7. “If you die, I die with you” -Divergent

So that’s why I chose Four this week, he’s a complicated character, seemingly tough but extremely caring and protective towards Tris, untrusting yet very loyal to his friends, he’s also strong and brave and wants to be the best that he can be.

I will be back next Sunday with another Swoonworthy Sunday post, but tomorrow (or really later on today as I write this in the early hours of Monday morning!), I will have another Monday Recommendations for you, so look out for that!


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