Sidekick Showcase Saturday #5

Okay, so following the themes given from JC’s Book Haven for May, today I am going to cover a favourite sidekick who grew up away from their parents. I think since he’s only a secondary character in PJO and his role in HOO is larger but still secondary, he counts. The character I have chosen is Nico DiAngelo. Nico DiAngelo grew up away from his parents as his father is Hades, Lord of the Dead and his mortal mother was killed by Zeus. He and his sister were taken to the Lotus Hotel where they spent 70 years frozen in time before being found at a boarding school by Percy, Grover and Annabeth.

imageI have to admit, at first I did not like Nico at all. When he was first introduced in Titan’s Curse, I wasn’t a fan, I found him to be incredibly irritating. I liked him a little better in The Last Olympian, when he helped out Percy and convinced Hades to  join the fight against the Titans, but I still didn’t love him. It wasn’t really until House of Hades, when it was revealed (spoiler alert) that Nico was gay and had a crush on Percy, that I really started to understand him and why he was the way that he was. I really started to like Nico, in the final book, Blood of Olympus, his friendship with Reyna made him more endearing to me, and I loved that we finally got to see how powerful Nico really was, you see glimpses of it throughout the series, but you really get to see how truly powerful he is in BOO and I liked that. His and Reyna’s POV’s were my favourite ones in that book (aside from Leo). With Nico, you always feel sorry for him, because he obviously is dealing with a lot of pain, but he was quite difficult to like, up until he made friends with Reyna, those two really brought out the best in each other. I also found his relationship with Hades interesting, and I loved their scene in Blood of Olympus.

Nico is certainly an interesting and complex character, and whilst it takes a while to warm up to him, I did eventually. He does have some endearing qualities but you do want to shakes him and tell him to just be happy sometimes! Still he is one of my favourite secondary characters, he is impressively strong, both power wise and emotionally, and he’s just quite an interesting character given his history and the later reveal of his homosexuality. I feel like he’s quite unique among the demigods, there’s no one quite like him and that is why I chose him this week.

I will have another Sidekick Showcase Saturday for you next week, but tomorrow I am back with another Swonnworthy Sunday, so look out for that.


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