Sidekick Showcase Saturday #4

For today’s Sidekick Showcase Saturday, I decided to do another of my favourite fictional mothers, Sally Jackson, Percy Jackson’s mother from PJO.

imageSally Jackson is a seriously awesome lady. She married Gabe who was a seriously awful human being, an abusive and cruel husband, in order to keep her son safe and she stayed married to him for a long time, without this Percy would have been discovered by monsters a long time before he was and probably would have died. Sally is incredibly hardworking, she works a job in a sweet shop in order to provide for her son. YA is filled with absent parents but Sally is always there for her son and I love their relationship, one of my major qualms about HOO was that there were no Percy/Sally moments. I love that a Sally is protective of her son, but trusts him enough to do what he needs to do, even driving him on a mission in The Titan’s Curse. I admire that she is an independent woman, refusing to go by her ex-husband’s last name because she likes her own, and that she cooked blue food just to prove her ex wrong that food couldn’t be blue, and that this became a thing between her and Percy. She never complains despite the fact that Gabe is awful. She is a badass mother in her own way, whilst all the other mortals are asleep during the Battle of Manhattan, she takes a shotgun to the monsters. She supported Percy and Annabeth’s relationship and knew about their feelings for each other before they were together. Not to mention the fact that she attracted Poseidon in the first place, which goes to show how awesome she is, and that she wanted Poseidon to stick around not for her but for Percy because she cares about him so much. I don’t think anyone can argue Sally isn’t devoted to her son, after all she put herself through to protect him, and that is why she is one of my favourite fictional mothers.

I will have another Sidekick Showcase Saturday for you next week, but tomorrow is Swoonworthy Sunday, so look out for that post!


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