Monday Recommendations #2

For my second Monday Recommendations, I thought I would post recommendations of books I used to read a lot of when I was younger, although I haven’t read so many in the recent years (but I still love to read them when I have the chance), and that is books that I would recommend for horse lovers. I myself, love horses and riding, and I love reading about these amazing animals. So here are five books that I would recommend if you, like me, are a horse lover.

1. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell-I think this one is pretty obvious, Black Beauty is the quintessential horse book and one of the few classic books that I actually like. It’s beautiful story, told from the point of view of the horse, Black Beauty and details his various stories with different owners throughout his life. It really makes you think about how amazing horses are and how much they do of us, and how we should treat them in return. Black Beauty is one of my all time favourite books, and I think all horse lovers (or not) should read this wonderful story.

2. Blind Beauty by K.M. Peyton-Another of my favourite horse stories, this follows an unlikely duo, Tessa Blackthorn and an ungainly horse, that she knew as a child, Buffoon, as she attempts to become a champion jump jockey. It’s a beautiful story, Tessa who has a major attitude problem, fights tooth and nail to achieve her dream, with the horse who was her childhood friend, and it’s great to follow the journey of both Tessa and Buffoon. Who says love stories have to be about guys?!

3. Flambards by KM Peyton-This blends two of my favourite things together, horses and history. It takes place just before the start of World War I, when twelve year old Christina is sent to Flambards to live with her uncle and cousin. It’s a great story, which follows the changing attitudes of the times in which it’s set and there are lots of horses! It was interesting to me to see some of the attitudes of those times and compare it with how far we have come now. Highly recommended for horse lovers, particularly anyone who has an interest in hunting.

4. Heartland series by Lauren Brooke-This is kind of cheating as it’s a series and not a single book, but when I was younger, I loved these books (and currently watch the TV show that is based on the books, it’s one of my favourites). I would recommend these more for younger readers as they are quite simplistic in the way that problem horses were dealt with, and in the writing, but they are very engaging, good stories, if you’re in the age range of around 9-12.

5. Chestnut Hill by Lauren Brooke-This is for slightly older readers, say about 12-14, I guess. They’re again, fun, easy reads about a group of girls at a boarding school with a riding program. Each books is told from the POV of a different one of the four girls, and they’re just a nice, fun, quick read if you are interested in horses.

So that’s today’s Monday Recommendations, I will be back with more of these next week, but in the meantime, I will be posting a new Top Ten Tuesday tomorrow, the positive reaction to this last week was great, so I’m hoping you guys will love it just as much this week.

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