Swoonworthy Sundays #2

Okay, so for this week’s Swoonworthy Sunday, I am going to feature a new favourite fictional character of mine, one whom those of you who read my blog regularly know how much I love him, the subject of today’s Swoonworthy Sunday is Connor Lassiter, from the Unwind Dystology.

imageThe Gist of Connor Lassiter:

1. Has brown eyes and messy brown hair. Scarred face, unwound arm and eye.

2. Has a great, very sarcastic sense of humour and is the inventor of one of the most awesome comebacks ever (Nice Socks)

3. He is very loyal to his friends and would give his own life to save theirs.

4. He’s smart and a great leader.

5. He’s always determined to do the right thing.

6. He’s very protective of his girlfriend Risa.

7. He grows so much over the course of the books, learning that his short temper and impulsive nature are not going to help anyone and he improves himself for the better, becoming more compassionate and more responsible.

8. He’s quite humble and kind of self loathing.

9. He initially has a lot of anger issues, but he learns to control his temper.

10. He is tough, yet sweet.

Connor Lassiter’s Quotables (these aren’t necessarily swoony quotes like the ones I did last week, just my favourite ones of his, to show why I love him so much)

1. “Nice socks” (come on, there was no way I wasn’t going to use Connor’s signature quote on here!) -Unwind

2. “Small victories are better than none” -about Roland at the time, but I think it has a wider meaning in the context of the book.

3. “Fight, flight and screw up royally” -Unwind, I think this quote pretty much sums up Connor in the first book.

4. “They didn’t want kids to know how much power they really had” -Unwholly, this is relevant not only to the book but to society today I think.

5. “Good in Crisis, Sucks at Normal.’ That about sums up my whole life doesn’t it?” -Unsouled, I think the last part of that quote says it all, this is basically Connor to a tee.

6. “But this isn’t a perfect world, the problem is people who think it is” -Unwind, again I think this one is relevant to our society today.

7. “The captain is supposed to go down with the ship” -Unwholly, I think this is a very good example of Connor’s personality from book two onwards, he would sacrifice himself to save his friends.

8. (This is about Connor rather than said by Connor) “He (Connor) will only do the wrong thing when it’s the right thing to do” -Unwind, Risa. I think this quote is a pretty good summation of Connor’s character, he always wants to do the right thing, but will do what is considered the wrong thing as long as he thinks it’s the right thing to do.

9. “I don’t see why there have to be any evils at all” -Unwind. It’s quite surprising that someone like Connor can be this ideal, but this quote reminds you that Connor is fighting for a better world.

10. “For Connor, life on the edge is home” -Unwind. Much like the earlier one, I think this sums up Connor pretty well.

So that is why Connor Lassiter makes my list of Book Boyfriends, he’s sarcastic, a great leader, willing to sacrifice everything for his friends and really wants to make the world he lives in a better place. I will be back next week with another Swoonworthy Sunday, but tomorrow is my second Monday Recommendations, so look out for that.


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