Friday Favourites #2

I thought that as I did an author for my last Friday Favourites, and that my Top Ten Tuesday this week was favourite authors, that for this week’s Friday Favourites, I’d focus on a favourite character. On goodreads a while ago, I joined in on a discussion about people’s favourite female characters in fiction, and so I’ve decided to post about one of my favourite female characters in fiction today, and she’s probably one of many people’s favourite characters, as today I have chosen Hermione Granger as my Friday Favourite.

imageThe Harry Potter books are amongst my favourite book series ever, and Hermione was always my favourite character. I felt like I could relate to her when I was younger, because she loved books and reading just as much as I did and I loved how smart she was (although I have to admit I found her a little annoying in the first two books). Also although the the Hermione in the films was pretty, book Hermione was never the prettiest girl, which I could relate to. Plus let’s face it, Harry and Ron really needed her, they’d never have got anything done without her because she was always the one with the good ideas and she was always the one who figured out everything before everyone else. She was always confident in her own abilities and but she was never afraid to acknowledge that she needed Harry and Ron sometimes. I also admired her loyalty to her friends, and her bravery, I don’t think Hermione always gets enough credit for just how brave she is, I mean she wiped the minds of her own parents, if that’s not brave then what is? Hermione comes from a normal muggle family but she’s incredibly gifted at magic, which shows that you can do anything if you work hard and put your mind to it, a philosophy that I feel Hermione very much embodies. I love that she never apologises for who she is and I think that’s a trait that a lot more female characters need. She also always stands up for what she believes in, she never has a problem voicing her opinion and I think that is something to admire, but also something that we can all learn from. Hermione was always her own person, she was never just someone’s love interest and although JK Rowling has admitted that she regrets not putting Harry and Hermione together, I loved the fact that they weren’t because it shows that boys and girls can just be really good friends.

Hermione was a role model for me, I always wanted to be like her, smart, independent, knows her own mind, brave, loyal and never apologises for who she is. That is why she is one of my favourite characters because she embodies all these great qualities that girls admire and aspire too, but she wasn’t special in any way, she worked for everything she had and in my opinion the real star of Harry Potter is not Harry, it’s Hermione, the girl that everyone can relate to, and whom lots of  us aspire to be like.

Do you agree? What do you love about Hermione? Or do you not like her and if so why? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

So that’s my Friday Favourite for this week, I’ll be back with another one of these next week, but tomorrow I will be posting my second Sidekick Showcase Saturday, so look out for that.



4 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #2

  1. Uzi April 24, 2015 / 7:07 pm

    I completely agree, Hermione is my most favorite literary heroine! I like that J.K. Rowling created a strong, interesting, and smart female character that shows girls (and boys) that it’s cool to love learning and reading, be confident, and stand up for your beliefs.
    I also want to add, that J.K. Rowling created other amazing and talented female characters, such as Luna Lovegood, Tonks, and Professor McGonagall.

    • iloveheartlandx April 24, 2015 / 8:21 pm

      Of course, boys too, I was merely speaking from my perspective as a girl. Oh yes, I know, in fact, it’s likely that I will probably cover some of them in the future for my Friday posts.

  2. dreamingthroughliterature June 22, 2015 / 9:33 pm

    Hermione is definitely one of my favorites too. She’s amazing.

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