Sidekick Showcase Saturday

This is a meme hosted by JC’s Book Haven, showcasing your favourite sidekicks from books you have read. They do their’s monthly but I will do mine weekly. As it is April, I think my choice of sidekick is quite appropriate since he is a definite joker. My choice for today is Hayden Upchurch, from the Unwind Dystology. At first he is introduced as a snarky teen who escaped being unwound, and he’s mostly a supporting character in the first book, but his role becomes increased in the second and third books, culminating in him playing a huge part in organising the Teen Uprising in the fourth book.

Hayden became one of my favourite characters in the Unwind series because I loved his sarcastic sense of humour, and he provides the comic relief through the books, although his sense of humour is quite dark, so fitting with the tone of the books. I liked his banter with the other characters and how he was always the one who said what I was thinking. He’s also shown to be very clever with his hijacking of the radio broadcasts in Undivided, and his plan to overthrow Starkey and I liked that he went from just a bit of comedic relief to actually having a large role in gathering support for the anti-unwinding movement in Undivided. He is my favourite character aside from Connor and Risa which is why I felt he was worthy of today’s Sidekick Showcase.

imageTomorrow will be my first Swoonworthy Sunday so look out for that and I will be back with another Sidekick Showcase next Saturday.



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